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Friday, 13 April 2018

Naija girl 2

I board the danfo and my heart stopped when I heard a rip. No no no no this is not happening to me today. I just sat down, but I can feel the breeze touching that part. Ooooooo!

My skirt is ripped. Right in the middle. What the?! I look at the offending part of the bus that caused me this, staring daggers at it. It's a part of the bus scrunched up metal. Jesus. I rained curses on the driver and conductor for not taking their bus to the panel beater.

Rather than apologize, they started raining their own curses too. It was until the other passengers came to my rescue that they stopped it. It was a jumble of noise and dominance.

Everyone started sharing their awful danfo chronicles. Dando means bus. It was awful and hilarious and in no time, we all burst out laughing, although my heart is heavy because this means i will have to tie my suit jacket around my waist.

And that's bad. Very bad.

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