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Wednesday, 18 April 2018

Wet 2

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She looked at Adenike in shock. "what do you mean by that, nike," she intoned angrily.
"what you want to embark on is dangerous, ngozi" Adenike said. "I do not support this too," Bashir chips in.

Ngozi fumed in anger. I shouldn't have told them, she thought. She saw the pensive look on her bestfriend and boyfriends face and her heart became stone. "If you guys are not going to support me, then so be it. I don't have to do anything with your permission, I'm a fucking adult" she said angrily.

"Yes, I know you are an adult and no body is disputing that Ngozi, but you should understand that as the people closest to you, we want the best for you and we are not willing to let you risk your mental health over some crap" bashir said.

"Yes, ngozi. I don't support this. get this idea of your goddamn head. I agree with bashir" Adenike said skeptically. Ngozi gave a small smile. "This discussion is not over" she said to the both of them.

Bashir and Ngozi has been dating for the past 4 years and infact, he's proposed, so they are engaged and getting ready to marry in a few months time. Ngozi is enstranged from the only family she has- her mom. Her mom left her with her father to marry a rich guy.. After her father's death, her mom tried to come back into her life, but she wasn't having any of it.

She was a full grown woman already and not ready to make peace with a mother who abandoned her when she was five. She moved in with bashir after their engagement and he has been the most loving man ever.

He speaks into her mind, soul and spirit. His love making is gentle and calm and he's firm with the kind of candor and maturity she requires. He is tender and absolutely perfect. She can't wait to be his wife.

They met in a picturesque place- CROATIA. She is obsessed about the Game of thrones and decided to take her yearly vacation to where the movie is filmed. She explored the eastern European country with joy and awe. You wonder how she could afford the trip yeah? Well. her "step father" sends her huge monthly allowances which she pretends not to see, but spends as she deems fit.

Croatia was the country of her dreams. She went everywhere.. From the mountain resorts, spas, marinas and Islands, to cuisine, diners and museums, she went everywhere. She met Bashir on one of those outings. Bashir is a tourist blogger who writes for one of the biggest travel websites in the world.

That sounds glamorous, but he's not very financially buoyant- don't be fooled. The only advantage is that he gets to see the world, dine and of course meet beautiful exotic women. This of course doesn,t derail the fact that he's a good man. He loves, respect and cherish Ngozi, and that's all that matters.

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