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Thursday, 26 April 2018

Sex teacher 4

Image result for image of a sexy painting girlI felt his weight hit me and I closed my eyes, bracing myself for the painful impact of my back hitting the metal cabinet. None came and I gently opened my eyes. I was wrapped in his arms very tightly and he looked down at me in a strange mixture of tenderness and lust.
I almost drowned in the pool of his eyes and totally forgot myself. "Come here.." he gently whispered. Oh my Goodness. He stared at me ferally.."I'm going to be your first." And with those words, he proceeded to undress me.

He started pulling my clothes off calmly. I tried to resist but the stopped me with just a glance. Jesus. I calmly waited and recieved it..
He totally undressed me and gently took his time with every part of me.. Then something shocking happened. He picked the key up and unlocked the door..

 "You can come in now,, Mr stephen.." I felt fear fill me. I'm standing stark naked! I tried to scramble for my clothes, but he kicked them out of the way... "You're going to pay for making us suffer constant hardons!".. I tried to run out, but Stephen caught me.. While grinning evilly.. I was shocked.."We are going to pummel that virgin cunt.. By the time we're done, you'd forget you were ever a virgin.."

Image result for image of a sexy painting girl
They bent me over in an insane position i can never hope to define.. They positioned me perfectly..
"She's gonna get a real man's prick stuffed up her cunt, now. Just you watch, and take notes, huh?" Nuel dived and slid at a right angle into me.
I had to rise, to accommodate his bulky body. With stephens cock lightly brushing my lips im too confused to know what to do.

"Keep sucking, damnit, you slimy cunt. Don't you know a real stud's prick when you see it? Worship at my cock, bitch!" Stephen said.. I shook in shock.. Gentle stephen? The one I though I could play? The one i thought I controlled?

I took his prick into my mouth and sucked for all I was worth. My cheeks went hollow under the suction I applied. I used my tongue the best that I could. I began to feel cream gather at my cunt.. Pressure began to build in there.. And I squeezed my thighs tight..

I also noticed something going on between my legs. Nuels fingers groped my pussy lips and he started jerking on it. I heard the slapping sound made.. Fuck it.. "Victoria.. You're loving the way I'm pulling your labias right.." He said in a hot whisper.. Then nipped my ass with his teeth.

Image result for image of a sexy painting girlI cant believe my predicament.. Im kneeling over a students crotch, and sucking on a fellow teacher's cock. Never have I been in a worse jam. The petite and Hot woman felt nuel forcing her legs farther and farther apart.

I could do nothing but allow him to do it. I felt as if he might split me in two, but i couldn't even call out and tell him to stop as long as stephens cock thrust insistently into my mouth. Nuel suddenly jerked me up and I rose up enough for him to position himself under me. He was flat on his back, and had grabbed both of my asscheeks. I hated to admit it, even to myself, but the feel of his hands moving over my ass was sexy, and made my pussy cream more..

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