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Monday, 16 April 2018

Diary of a Poet 4

Racy in purple lace draped across her bare skin
Caressing her womanhood inviting him within
Robbins tied around her like a present to unwrap
Purple lace that see through showing off her swollen slit
He slides it off her shoulders letting it wrap around her waist
Slowly anticipating just how sweet she's going to taste
Untying the white ribbons as they slide between her thigh
As she feels his passion begin to rise
Then she sits on top of him eager to please
As she slides her wetness across his throbbing pulse with ease
Taking a new position of sitting on her knees
As she taste her own sin with the mixture of his leak
Then of excitement that builds up between his legs
The she cleans him off with her throat and a slightly messy gag
As the pressure starts to build, he's about to let go
Let go of his liquid love inside me as it flows
Then they lay together enjoying the warmth of their mixture
A forever love that's a flesh combined liquid elixir

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