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Thursday, 26 April 2018

I miss you

Image result for image of paintingsIt's been a while since we spoke, so i can't really say if you miss me.
Can't really tell if like that Eamon song, you still diss me.
But a piece has been missing from my jigsaw ...can't really put a finger on it.
I let my mind travel back in time and i let it linger.
Never knew I'd miss you this much till last sunday.
Saw your pix on iG, and i voluntarily let my eye stay transfixed for a second or two more.
The past is gone, but i really wished we coulda done more.
We got this one of a kind attraction that can't be described by the laws of physics.
Too far, but still close enough.
Physically absent, yet at every turn i see your face.
Image result for image of paintingsMy home doesn't feel like it anymore.
Afterall "home is where the heart is", hence my home is right there with you.
Staying up all night cozy-d up in the bubble bath, sipping from our glasses of Chardonnay.
Your soft booty backed up to me like i was some sort of cloud storage.
We stay fvcked up all night, High on
Inhaling the floral scents of the roses
floating in the tub.
And after we make sweet love, welcoming the dawn with moans of our names...
Damn it, you make my head pop.
I let my mind travel once again, its these effects you have on me that make me rue your absence.
Missing you daily, like i was desperately searching.
Breaking up in march was the worst decision.
I let it all burn, flames from a match stick.
I'd never deny that what we had was "Toolz thick"
Many have come and gone since that 3rd month of the year.
None of them could light a torch beside you, your hotness was inferno-ish... making all the guys gaze in tears.
So once in a while i bury my heads in my hands, and i ask the simple question what if?
What if i had decided to stay and weather thw storm?
What if i had been alil' more tolerant?
What if i went ray charles on your attitude and acted dumb?
What if against all odds i had decided to be defiant?
The outcomes of the questions i'd never know.
But i'm certain of one fact, and it's that "I miss you"

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