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Monday, 23 April 2018


Image result for image of stilettosThings have been going bad for me recently. Ever since I fisted that woman's cunt, she's been stalking me. I get crazy random calls and texts from her and ITS SO CONFUSING. I'm afraid to admit to anyone that i'm scared because i don/t know how they will react. I mean, I'm a man!

I'm truly scared of this woman stalking me though. okay, let me explained what happened. So, after i brought her to orgasm like 3 different times in public with my fist, I suddenly lost interest. I dont lead woman on and I am not a pretender. I told her upfront that this is just a one time thing and it was nice to meet her, bla bla black sheep.

She looked hurt and I hardened my mind. She begged me for a favor for her to at least bring me pleasure in return. I almost agreed until I saw the desperation in her eyes. I almost fell for it but no. I just got out from some altercation with 2 cougars and it was such a big issue. I'm not ready for some woman to catch feelings for me.

Now she's stalking me, so i'm scared. What to do now?

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