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Sunday, 22 April 2018

Wet 8

Image result for sexy images of women in chainsHer stomach rising and falling, her firm rounded breasts heaving as her climax neared, she grabbed the cucumber with her free hand and began thrusting the fruit in and out of her hot vaginal sheath. She couldn't stop moaning as the cucumber hit deep into her.

Image result for sexy images of women in chainsThe new and exciting sensations rocked her, reaching out to every nerve ending, tightening every muscle. With her soon to be husband watching her most intimate and obscene act, she was discovering hitherto unknown sexual pleasure.

If in her life, she will ever imagine this, she cant believe. She, the sexually repressed girl, and bashir her gentle lover currently staring deep with utmost concentration into her pink pussy hole, watching her screw herself with a vegetable on the basis of hypnosis.

'God, I'm coming!' The treacherous words bubbled from her full red lips before she could halt them, before she could conceal the immense pleasure her wanton act of masturbation was bringing her. 'Come... coming! Ah, ah, yes!' Now she was discovering her own darker side, a side she'd never dreamed had existed, and she was determined never to reveal her trickery. She loves the freedom this act of wantoness is bringing her. Afterall, she is under hypnosis, and of course, not conscious of what is going on.

The game was new and exciting. It would add something to their relationship, rather than take away from it. Wouldn't it? Kneeling between her open legs, he grabbed the cucumber and thrust it deep into ngozis gripping sex-sheath as her naked body convulsed in response. 

'You love being fucked by a cucumber, don't you?' he asked in his wickedness. 'You'd like me to fuck your ass with it, wouldn't you?' His words shocked her as her climax waned, leaving her breathing deeply, her head rolling from side to side in the aftermath of the most spectacular orgasm she'd ever experienced. Fuck your asshole with it. They weren't bashir's words. Or were they?

Her eyes closed, she listened as her boyfriend tugged his zip down and pulled his hard penis out. Watching through her eyelashes as he knelt astride her head, his massive member hovering threateningly above her pretty face, she knew that she was about to be instructed to do something she'd never done before. Something he'd often asked of her but that she'd never been able to bring herself to do.

'Open your pretty mouth and suck my knob,' he demanded crudely as he gripped his veined shaft and pressed his swollen glans to her pursed lips. The cucumber, the masturbation, hadn't been the ultimate test after all, she thought anxiously as she parted her red lips. 'Come on, you fucking bitch, suck the sperm from my cock,' he ordered harshly.

She allowed his dick to slip into her hot mouth and rest against her tongue as his loveless words echoed in the confusion of her mind. She was driven now not by her arousal, but by her curiosity. How far would he go to satisfy his cold lust? To what extent would he use her for debased sex - use her body, the body of the girl he professed to love so much?

Now, with his darker-than-dark side emerging fully, she thought about her relationship. Was this the man she really wanted to marry? she wondered as his knob slipped further into her wet mouth. He'd always been so kind, loving and gentle with her, making sweet love with her - not lust. But now?

'Ah, that's good! You've a succulent mouth, a fuckable mouth!' he gasped as his knob came to rest at the back of her throat, his broad shaft absorbing the inner heat of her wet mouth. 'Suck it, bitch. Wank me off and drink my come,' he cried as he leaned forward, resting his weight on his hands, his heavy balls rolling in anticipation.

Barely believing the blunt demand, the crudely uttered words of cold lust as she took her boyfriend's shaft in her hand, she began her wanking movements. She was tempted to reveal her feigned hypnotic state and expose him for the heartless pervert she now knew him to be. 'Coming!' he gasped as she was about to pull his penis from her bloated mouth and tell him what she thought of his loveless act, his cruel violation of her naked body. But she wanted to learn more about his inner self. She'd put a halt to the games. But not yet, she decided.

His sperm suddenly jetted from his throbbing knob, filling her mouth, bathing her tongue as she wanked his rock-hard shaft. To her surprise, her first ever taste of male come aroused her, sending electrifying quivers of sex deep into her very core. Salty, creamy, she savoured the taste and texture of the male liquid, only swallowing hard when her cheeks had filled and she began to cough and splutter. Running her tongue over his silky cock, she felt her clitoris throb, her vaginal lips swell around the massive cucumber, her stretched pussy-hole ooze with her juices of lust.

'That's it, lap it all up - slave!' Barry ordered as his flow stemmed. 'Swallow my spunk - tart! I'll fuck your mouth every day now that I know your secret word. And I'll fuck your ass. That's something I think about when I wank. You didn't know I wank, did you? Well, you do now. I have to, you see. You're so bloody mean when it comes to your cunt, your mouth, that I have to wank almost every day. But now you're my sex slave, you can pleasure me on demand.'

Those words shocked her to the marrow. whaaaaat..

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