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Friday, 13 April 2018

The sex scene

My memories of him are the only thing keeping me right now... I'm usually in a cloud of high, not understanding anything.. I don't even know where i am...

I remembered the first time we made love after the waxing session...

"Do you want me?" I asked, pressing my body against his, flattening my soft breasts against his hard chest.

“Fucking hell,.” He exhaled sharply. I pulled back from him a bit, my eyes never leaving his, as I ran one hand down his body, strumming my fingers across his chest then moving lower.

My fingers danced down the length of his already-hard cock, and I grabbed him through the fabric of his boxers. As soon as I had my hand wrapped firmly around him, everything he had been so carefully holding back broke loose.

He groaned, grabbing me by the back of my head and crushing his lips against mine, his tongue breaking past my lips to taste me.

His free hand dropped down to my breasts, pinching my nipples through the wet material of my shirt. I ached between my thighs, wondering what it would feel like to have his cock not just in my hand, but inside of me, filling me up completely.

“Yes, yes, of course I fucking want you,” he whispered against my lips. We wrapped our arms around each other, stumbling towards the living room, falling onto the couch in a tangled embrace. I climbed on top of his lap, straddling him as he sat. I held his face in my hands..

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