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Monday, 23 April 2018

Facade (Funbi's diary) Finale

Image result for image of a sexy painting girlTHE UNEXPECTED 
I walked to Sitzwe's room mind-boggled, I was not sure whether I was going there to show gratitude or 'to get my man back' - yes, you read right, that was how foolish my thoughts were, it just felt like the right thing to do as I cannot refuse the wonderful gifts. I exhaled heavily on getting to the door, the last lap of my heavy sigh knocked the door, I knocked feebly firstly, garnered guts and knocked more seriously,
"who's there? come in" he said.

I romanced the door knob, bouncing my fingers on it before opening, he was in the bathroom, I entered to a freshly swept, mopped and arranged room, sheets changed and AC wildly working, a voice like that of my mother commanded me to leave but I did not, even the empty bottles of heineken lying on the floor advised that I leave, but I remained adamant - instead I remained adamant, I sat on the edge of the bed with my legs fold to the side like a girl who saw a male for the first time, I gave myself a needless tour of the room where I have been before and was almost fucked, I simply wanted to look for what is not wrong about the room, I found it what I was looking for, a fresh issue of the well known and accepted Fiidi magazine,  juicy compilation of campus glam, trend and entertainment owned by a student who have made more money than most of our fathers.
Image result for image of a sexy painting girl

 began to browse through, reading every column closely, the magazine got me to feel more at home, I moved from the edge of the bed to lie on my back using a pillow to enjoy the magazine, the voice like that of my mother was thus silenced, it spoke no more. Sitzwe entered minutes later sipping another bottle of Heineken, I jumped off from the bed immediately, he was not too surprised to see me, he was rather confused, he had been washing his bathroom and also had his bath, thus he came out naked AGAIN! My other parts were puzzled but my vagina was not, it leaped for joy.
"I thought it was my laundry," he said

I stood like a culprit in front of a judge, scarce for words, I remembered I wanted to thank him for the gifts which I did,
"Don't mention," he said as he wore his boxers, something within me didn't want to
There was silence again, the type that informed me that it is time to go but I did not, it was crazy, I sat again, Sitzwe chose not to take notice, he kept on going about his stuff, preparing to dress. I engaged him in discussions and he, as usual, replied in his traditional reticent manner, I was obviously not welcomed but nothing was chasing me away, I decided to cut to the chase
"I am sorry about what happened at Abeokuta, I needed to do something," I said
"it is cool, next time; just tell me you need to be alone or something" he replied
Hearing "next time" created a level of comfort within me, the type that I should not entertain, it meant that Sitzwe sees 'a' next time, I moved closer to him in my Delilah manner and inquired how I look
"You know you look beautiful without all of this, but today; you are to die for," he said with an unusual wit

Getting as close as I did, It was only right that I kissed him, maybe I was not thinking right but my wrong instinct was uncontrollable, I stretched to kiss him, he reciprocated, lowering his face to meet me half way, our lips collided and he let out a moan, he needed me too!! The sweet scent of his body spray and his chiseled biceps threw my hormones in a frenzy, he was moving at my pace, this got me more comfortable, his domineering attributes spoke when he grabbed my ass like a predator but that cemented by horniness, ass grabbing is no scare! I kept looking straight into his eyes to search for that familiar demon I saw in Abeokuta but it was not there, I surmised that Abeokuta happened because of the heartbreaking visit to the mausoleum. I blinked uncontrollably like a malfunctioning barbie, it amused him, he smiled and gave me the ticket to view his white gapped teeth set.

He kickstarted another round of raunchy and ostentatious kiss but left me in control of the progression, with my hand; I began to pull off my dress, my heart began to beat fast like I was making a mistake yet I refused to reconsider my actions, Sitzwe's comportment was comforting, gave me more security, his C-curved, vein filled and erect penis plus the passionate saliva exchange was not something I could walk away from, I was stuck in that moment although I was getting vision like view of my mother warning me, I will moan heavily when I see it, I will moan instead of backing out, I spice things up a little holding his crotch, these were things I have been willing to do but haven't been able to, I massaged it the way Mbouti my friend thought me to, I ran my hand all over his dingo as I sucked on his nipple, I never believed I will listen to my perv friend Mbouti word for word. I went on my kneels slowly to do the oral needful, the whole blowjob had amateur written over it, even I was able to grade myself, it was sloppy, lacked pattern and discipline yet Sitzwe let me display my nonsense, he picked me up from my kneeling position like a needy child, pushed me softly to the bed, shift my pants to the side and began to school me! The first reaction from his oral gesture was an aggressive headache, I guess my body was unable to interpret the feeling thus it engendered a headache, the dude is an oral sex savvy, I thought I would lose my sanity, he blew my mind; taken his time and energy to go all down on me earned him the right to just do whatever with me, he did it with finesse, I squeezed my breast according to the level of sensation he creates during every tongue move, the squeeze was in congruent with the pleasure, I was close to urinating on his face when I closed my thighs.

He said nothing but picked me again from the bed to the bathroom, his moustache marinated with my juice, he looked like a kid, I was skeptical about going to the bathroom but my 'swollen for joy' vagina was doing all the thinking, he switched the shower on, my eyes lit in surprise; SHOWER SEX! - even my mom never would have guessed this, I ceeded seeing all of these and convinced myself that Sitzwe is my man, he drew me even with my bra still on, launched the 3.0 version of our kiss, now I was moaning loudly and could not wait for him inside of me, I got hold of his dingo and rubbed it on my clits intensely, its head moving around my vagina like it is was searching for something, my moaning was breaking like I was having hiccups as Sitzwe gave my breast all the attention in the world, I positioned his dingo to vagina and pleaded for penetration, he obliged and went in softly
"oh mommy" I moaned

Image result for abstract pix of seductionHe had me resting totally on his strength as he thrust in with care, oh lord! diary you needed to be there, I will lift my face up so the wild torrents of water from the shower cool me down, he moaned very softly as he called 'Funbi' like he was ordered to, I felt that urge to pee like I did on the bed but this time; I let it all out, it came out like burst of spring with me almost screaming, an in-throat kiss from Sitzwe regulated the madness, my thighs shook vibratingly, my whole body in actual fact shook, I have never felt like that before, it was warm burst of water, something likened to my vagina shedding tears of joy.
Image result for abstract drawing of sexual fantasy

This momentum continued until Sitzwe began to roar like he did in Abeokuta, fear sent all the nonsensical feeling packing, that sound from Sitzwe is more of threat than gesture, he began to pound hard but my vagina unlike in Abeokuta was a peace with it, I was not feeling any pain, I think my vagina betrayed me. He was moving at a pace that could rupture my pelvic area, thrusting aggressively, it became the insane clime I ran from back at ABK.
"Calm down Sitzwe, I am here and not running," I said in an attempt to manage the situation
Maybe my comment triggered something within, I dunno, all I know is he went savage, he raised his face looking straight in my eyes and stroked me silly, my vagina began to catch the message of threat, it decode that it was no longer an order of passion but that of mistreatment, it began to dry up, no more juice, thus, his dingo began to pill my walls, he choked me after staring and I was conviced that I was in trouble, it switched from good sex to a survival affair, I could not breath, the oxygen from the water without having to breathe out became excess. I began to cough, I thought I was going to die, I could take it no more, I needed to act, I gathered the last strength from my weak body to push him off, he slipped and hit his head on the water cistern.
Image result for abstract drawing of intense anxiety
Blood began to gush, I froze for about two minutes, covering both my mouth with both hands, after which, I let out a loud scream, the type that could catch people's attention, they rushed in after breaking the door opened, saw us in the toilet, Sitzwe lying unconscious and me, Standing shocked leaned to the wall naked, they did not know what to do
"help me!" I shouted,
Wunmi brought my birthday dress and help me wear it, we all went to the school clinic and Sitzwe was taken to a hospital in town in the school's emergency bus.

Seated in the clinic receptionist, I was unease, my legs shaking as I suck my thumb, Wunmi trying to calm me down, "you are going to be fine" she said, I was feeling defiled but it mattered less as I thought I had murdered somebody. The clinic authority advised I'd be taken home as soon as possible, Wunmi volunteered and we journeyed to Lagos after a soft bath. It was the longest journey of my life, I made no statement but there is pandemonium in my head.

We got to our Lekki residence at night, 8pm precisely without notice although I had informed my mom I will be coming early on my birthday for the celebration and gift, they were not entirely shocked to see me, infact I met preparations for the party going on, two cows already fried and other menu in their prepare-stage, seeing me with Wunmi; my mother assumed I had come for the celebration, I was shocked how much preparation going on for a party they tagged as lowkey, I was too weak to express my surprise, it also explained why my mother could not pick her calls when I almost murdered somebody. The party was wavy, seemed like it had staryed on seeing my dad, he and his siblings already sipping hennessy celebrating their daughter with whom they are well pleased, I figured I needed not to ruin the moment for them, Wunmi also advised so, we walked in and into my room, shut the door and Wunmi finally spoke demanding what happened, I explained from the genesis, no need to hide anymore, I might need a witness in court, after my talk, she simply hugged me and how allowed me weep without disturbance. I had another bath and was resigned to sleep. I drift in and out of sleep as a result of nightmares all through the night.

The biggest Nightmare was this morning, I woke from my sleep to the bathroom in a hurry to vomit, it was nothing that I ate as I have not eaten even the previous day, Wunmi stood by the toilet door with a face that does not want to believe what she was seeing, she went to her bag to get me a PT strips, that she carries that around is taunting. Unfortunately for me, I felt pressed to wee, she got the exactly needed tool, she ran the test six times and behold; two bold lines all the way, I AM PREGNANT! Wunmi had her hands on her head not knowing how to start consoling me.
Image result for abstract drawing of intense anxiety
My family walked in with bant and noise to start the birthday charade, my uncle even had a champagne popped on me, what are they celebrating? My birthday or baby shower? The sang and sang as I cried, they assumed it was tears of joy, the tears earned me a lot of hugs, they took me downstairs to see my Toyota Solara saloon car, It made me cry more and I kept getting these hugs from everyone, the hugs I needed anyway but in a different situation, everyone was in shape to begin my birthday party and I just felt like disappearing, I feel like fading to time itself. NO ONE IS SEEING BEYOND THE FACADE.
I am writing this hoping I get to give you to my mother after the party.

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