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Friday, 13 April 2018


Bae mama no gree see wetin bae see in me.
She say I be christian, sey i be infidel, sey I be detty for the eyes of Allah.
"All the handsome young men at the mosque you couldn't pick one, it's that christian boy you want, you just want to bring me shame".

Her shout dey ring for my her pikin head and e dey crush her heart.
Shey na religion wan tear us apart?
Abi na the mama wey no just wise ni?
The thing dey pain me for inside, woman wey I don love finish...shey na so I go just leave am ni?
My woman don weep taya, me gan I don cry like 5 bucket.
Later now una go say person hang imself kon kick bucket.
Say na with rocket persin go use fly enter hell.
"Mummy please I don't need her to change her religion, I love her like that even heaven can tell".
"You must be stupid!!!" na so she cut me short, she no even reason man pikin sey im no even tall before.
For my mind this matter don pass garri, but Pride goes before a fall.
Naso I lie down beg mummy, but this woman no even look my side.
She tell me sey my begging na spoil, sey if I know wetin good for me i go bounce and slide.
Make una sef epp me imagine am sey persin curse you outside as yeye shaid.
Na love coz this one o, but ehn! this woman don let society draw picture of wetin she must follow.
She don box herself under the what would people say bracket, but na me and bae dey feel the punch for down below.
"Zainab, didn't you see the son of Alhaji Bello? , isn't he rich, isn't he handsome and I trust he can fuck too!!"
Haaa!!, mummy from your mouth?
I reason wetin she talk for my mind as I use side eye dey observe my woman, I dey reason wetin dey go on for her mind.
She dey fight for our love, me sef dey fight too.
This our love must not be killed or turn out dead.
She dey firm. she dey strong but her tears na pure sign of who be the casualty for this war.
This no be the first time we dey come beg, and this no go be the me i fit count am for you, one, tu, tiri, four.
My babe drop to her knees and her body hit the floor shapaly.
I disappear go her side, "baby are you okay?"
I whisper for her ear sey make she stay strong, but for my mind I dey wonder how long we fit go on.
I dey reason am sey we go fit keep this fight so? but we don sow, so we for suppose reap.
Imagine man pikin with all dis suffer just for persin wey im heart dey beat for.
sha, sha, na just ,me, my woman and our gbege.
Make God for put mouth for this matter, coz mummy dey really follow us drag one trouser.
I dey reason wetin go happen if bae givvup, God forbid o!
Me and my gbege wey wan cos me heart attack, na to find one udeme first drink o!

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