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Monday, 9 April 2018

Wifey or WiFi

Is she your wifey or our WiFi?
Coz there's something really corny 'bout her smile when she says hi.
She sways by... Ass going left-right like a parade, she sends telepathic messages like we playing charade.
Eyes saying I want you, body language whispering "my hubby ain't enough... I know you want me to f#ck you".
It's all good, maybe in the evening you could come through to my hood.
Put you in the mood, my pinky finger sliding through to put you in the groove.
After I hit that, she's passed to the next nigga just like we pass the blunt.
Smoking hot from the rear and she knows, that's why she's always got us turnt.
A bit ironic that her first name is Mary and her middle name is Joana.
Bro your wifey gives free connection so you can't blame us when we log in.
We stuck in between her thighs like feet to stockings.
So is she yours or ours?
Wifey or WiFi??

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