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Tuesday, 17 April 2018


Girl it's me, you and the lights.
On this special night i wonder if you like 'em on or off.
As i slowly undress you, i wonder what secrets Victoria would expose.
My super performer, ridiculously sexy when you strike a pose.
You raise my mic up, and you quite good with freestyles.
Girl it's me, you and the baby girl we made.
Her hazel nut eyes captivate me.

And i promise she's the only one i'd love above you.
Her cute smile could breathe summer into a heart so cold.
Look at what we made baby, it's surely above gold.
Finally baby, it's me, you and frail backs.
With grey hairs as souvenirs for a life spent with a gemstone.
Still as beautiful as sapphires that adorn a queen's crown.
Thanks for never bringing to my face tears or frown.
Thanks for years of laughter and being my goofy clown.
So from now, till when it's me, you  and death...

I'll still think 'bout you first, before my weary cardiac muscles.
I'll still love you, my gentle dove.

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