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Wednesday, 11 April 2018

Slutty Girl


What the fuck?! I should have heed my father's warnings! But no, I called his bluff as usual. Turned out this wasn't a "warning" as usual. He banned me from his house and didn't even listen to my mother's pleading. I'm sure she's in support, but was just doing eye service for me. She doesn't like sharing and husband and one more child out of the house is a joy for her. Pssh.

Aside chasing me, he also seized all my credit cards and in fact blocked my account. "When you have no access to unlimited money, maybe your brain will realign. You're just too spoilt and it's your mother's fault!" He thundered. Instead of begging, i stood cockily and replied.."So, you think this will bring me back?! I'd struggle! I'd make my own money!" I said back. He smiled and asked the butler to drag my bags outside. I walked out with pride.

Any pride I thought I have is now gone. Like poof. I'm miserable and wretched right now. Broke as fuck and I don't know how to do a single thing! I've never worked in my life and that is affecting me seriously. Now, I understand my father's evil smile.

I'd always been the spender.. Spendthrift and I don't have savings aside the one in my account; which I can't access. The little cash I left with was used to rent an apartment on the other side of town and it was with shock that I realized that I need to ration. No more trips to the mall, No more online orders, No more food delivery and the likes.

I can't cook, clean or do anything. Life caught up with me the hard way. I dropped out of college; the reason why my father chased me. I mean, college life is sweet and beautiful. The insane parties, clubbing, drinking, drugs and everything in between. I didn't balance it up and my grades began to fall drastically.

The VC had a meeting with my dad; they're close friends and my dad got to know. He warned me about my wayward life but I refused.. What will he do? I snickered. I went out with my bevy of girls and we spent harder; we're all rich and I specifically don't mingle with people of the lower class. They were meant to serve us.

The shock hit me that fateful day. I was called to the HOD's office and given a letter. I ripped it open and read through. I've been rusticated! Shit. I didn't believe it! The VC is my father's friend! Who are they to expel me?! I rushed down to the VC's office and I was barred entry. I was asked to leave the hostel with immediate effect.

I rushed down to the hall to pack my belongings and I pretended like I'm going home. This is embarrassing as fuck. I lied to my "friends" about travelling out in a rush and I rammed it all into my car. By the way; my car has been seized too.
I drove down to the house and my father was expectant. He's heard the news from his friend. He just allowed me enter and said nothing. I didn't know a tornado was going to sweep me out less than a week later.

Now, here I am. Broke, no education, and zero skills. I've been fired from 2 jobs and the last one was worse. I was fired on the same day I was employed. Because of an entitled bastard! He's so proud and rude. He spoke to me in a rich dark baritone and it sent hot vibes down my blood and I almost smiled, until my brain processed the words.

"Hey, skinny waif, get me a cup of plain black coffee. Black. Nothing in it." I swerved to him and was hit with the most electric and condescending eyes I've ever seen. I almost took a step back at the hostility I saw in them. "Why are you still looking? Get it. In case you have a memory loss, it's Black and plain." he said in a low tone. His lip curled upward. The most beautiful pair I'd ever seen on a man. He looked at me with so much anger.

His shirt will definitely cost more than my whole apartment. He stank of money and entitlement. I felt so bad at my plight and cursed the life I lived in school that brought me to this stage.
I felt tears rush to my eyes. Hot and blinding. Fuck, what did I do to deserve that? It's so unfair. I ran to get his order and I felt my spine straighten. Am I mad? Why would I cry over some bastard? A sexy as fuck bastard though.

He reminded of my days as a rich girl and I regretted all the things I did to people. I got angry too and "not so mistakenly" spilled hot coffee on the bastard. The stain spread on his white shirt and I'm sure it's definitely spoilt his day. I stiffled a laughed and insincerely apologized profusely "Im so sorry sir." I used the dish towel in my hands to spread the stain all over his shirt on the pretext of cleaning his shirt. Fuck. His chest is wide and sexy as fuck. I can't imagine how he looks naked.

I felt his hands grab me and stopped my movement. Desire lashed me hard. Shit. It's been too long I got the blinding force of a man's attention. He didn't yell, just looked at me with daggers from his eyes "leave it and get lost." He leashed his temper and I respected that. I didn't know the fucker would get me fired.

They said I'm too slow and I mixed orders up and I can't clean properly and I'm rude to customers, blah blah blah. But I know he did it. Fucked up man. I hate him with my whole heart.
All the jobs are waiting on people and it's purely torture to me. It's been pure hardship. I remember the way I treated waiters and waitresses and I shuddered. Fuck, it's a hard life. Losing this job has made me so desperate. I can barely feed again and I can't find anything to do. Oh my goodmess, people are not nice at all.

I started selling all my clothes gradually and i sold my phone too. Now, I'm lost with nothing to do. Fuck. The best friend I had just fought with me recently because I stole her boyfriend. Like, the guy was absolutely A+! Handsome, suave and absolutely charismatic., he fell easily for me; he's a fuck boy I thought.

But then, I couldn't resist fucking him- and I found out he's an extremely weak fuck. The fucker jabbed into my dry pussy just twice and came. Who does that?! I regretted stealing him, pure waste of time, and I was in the process of gathering my ego and pride to tune it low and plead my case to her- the boyfriend she always raved about is zero in the sack- before my father chased me. He wasnt worth losing her over. My other friends are useless; gossiping and backbiting bitches. I'd only get snubbed if I reach out to them. Moreover, I'm too proud to ask for their help. I'd rather die.

So, apparently, I'm on my own. As if I knew. I told you my mum's begging is just eye service. She didn't call me and when I tried her numbers, It was not going- she's blocked me. I've got to stop reminiscing and find a good solution to my problem. I need a job- and it should be where I'd last longer this time.

I came of my apartment and cursed the man who made me lose my job. He's the one making me go through all this. I remembered the wicked glint in his eyes and shuddered. I strolled the streets of lagos and searched for a job; to no avail. I went back home dejected. I came out in the evening and i saw a flyer in front of the building next to mine.. A maid needed.

I jotted down the number written and rushed back home to call the number. I left the phone charging inside. A female voice picked the call and told me to come for an Interview the next morning. I rushed to bed so that I'd wake up early and for the first time in a long time; I prayed to get the job. I don't know how long I'd in this absolute poverty.


I sighed and rubbed the kinks from my shoulders. I need to unwind from this stress killing me. I can't get her image off my memories. The skinny and hot as fuck girl at the coffee shop. She reminded me of my last girlfriend and I felt anger fill me at the thought. I have to fuck her though. I need too.

She's so beautiful and innocent but she has a mean streak. I felt my cock harden at the way she dabbed my chest when she spilled the coffee on me. Her hands; so tiny and her small breasts almost in my face. Fuck. I love her spunk. I loved the wicked smile dancing in her eyes when she thought she won. She has the cutest smile; but she looked extremely stressed. I just wanted to run my hands through her hair and kiss her forehead.

I made sure to get her fired. She's got to be mine, totally. I can't wait to have her and play crazy mind games with her. Fuck. She revenged on the spot. I love a woman with a strong mind and will. That also shows that she thinks extremely fast.

A knock sounded on the door and I said "Enter". She stepped in looking so unsure and demure. I waited for it. Then she recognized me and I saw shock fill her eyes, then they hardened with hatred. "You! You fucker!" She yelled. I smiled evilly and said.."You can sit". "No, you bastard! I'm not sitting! I know you did it! You made me lose..I tapped a key and my doors locked. I want no interruptions for what I'm about to do.

In a flash, I'd reached her side and pulled her into my arms. I don't care. I devoured her lips. Fuck. She tried to resist, but I softened my kiss and grabbed her hands tighter. I know she wants me. This hot bitch. She eyed me throughout the encounter at the shop and I knew it won't be hard making her fall. She stopped fighting me and I released her hands. Then I felt her arms wrap around my neck. Her lips taste like heaven. I felt myself lose me in her. Shit. I carried her petite self and her legs wrapped around my waist. We kissed the frustration out on each other.

I need to fuck her, now.


He carried me and my back hit the wall. I moaned at the feelings. I can't believe I'm allowing this! I hate this man! But when I felt his hot lips wrap around my nipples, I groaned in desperation. Fuck it. I held hard onto his head and wished he could swallow up my whole breast. He lashed my areoles with attention and I wanted to cum. He kissed all around my breasts before giving stinging bites to my nipples.

I felt his lips blow air to my breasts and he licked them again. He's basically eating me up. Oh my..."Fuck me, you bastard. Show me what you got.." he moaned at my words and replied.."Wait for it baby.." I paused at the use of "baby".. Then I felt his fingers gently part my folds and I screamed. He gently fingered me while kissing my breasts hard.

I screamed in joy and widened my legs more. He abruptly left my breasts. And pushed me up further. He guided my legs around his neck and I heaved in fear.. What if I fall?
Now, he's standing with my pussy bared wide to his view. Without further ado, he plunged in. Literally. He ate me up and chewed on my clit. It hit the brink of pain and I continued to juice up like a bitch in heat. He went slower and ran his lips all around and basically sipped. I held his head tight and didn't want him to stop.

He shoved his tongue in deeper and I screamed. This man lapped up all the crevices in my pussy. He suddenly swerved me and placed my butt on his desk. A wave of vertigo hit me along with the erotic joy. Then he sat down and destroyed me like a meal. The fucker spread my legs and buried his head deep in my cunt.

His tongue lashed me, nose tickled my clit and he shoved 2 fingers into me. He started fingering me fast and his fingers went in totally deep. I shuddered at the insane mix of emotions; my mind couldn't cope- lashing tongue, bites on my clit, fingers deep. I came apart like a firework. Burst over and over again.
Fuck, he didn't give me any moment to catch my breath. That was crazily fucked up.. I sat up and looked at my self.. My panties and bra strewn on the floor and skirt nowhere to be found.

He gently raised my chin up. "You're going to be my woman. My girl, my everything,.. But first, I need to fuxk you." I lost all coherence and nodded like a fool. He gently placed my hands on his cock and asked me to squeeze it hard.

I squeezed it hard and felt my pussy clench hard. This is a big and thick one. I can't wait to ride.

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