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Tuesday, 24 April 2018

Sex teacher 3

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A week has passed and Victoria keeps on tormenting me. I always have a permanent erection in her class and I've still not figured out the way to meet her.
In the mean time, I've been fucking the living shit out of my girlfriend and she's loving it. As for me, I wish I was buried deep in Victoria.

The boost I needed came sooner than I expected. I'd stayed late at school for training and I went to the gym to shower. After my shower, I came out of the restroom into the main gym and I heard something suspicious. I felt excitement fill me. I'm pretty sure I'm about to catch some students fucking. Maybe they thought the gym was empty because its late.

I sordidly stepped and avoided making any noise.I was almost upon them when I suddenly realised that I recognize the voice. Victoria. Adrenaline filled me at the thought of her being in danger and as I moved to rush forward, she said.."No.. I only came out here for you to eat me.." I stopped in shock. She moaned again and I could hear the swishing sound of a finger hitting deep. It made that familiar sucking sound..."No baby.. Let's fuck. I'd give you the fucking you're yearning for".."aaahhh..."she moaned.

Her head fell back and I felt like biting her neck and giving her permanent Hickeys to mark her as mine. Shit. She's making out with the Biology Teacher, Mr Stephen.. I felt anger fill me. No one touches what's mine. It's obvious I've been too slow..

Image result for SEXY IMAGE OF A WOMANHis fingers moved faster- I could hear the sound and her moans began turning into squeals.. "I'm a virgin.."she gasped.. Not for long, I thought. She came apart and moaned deep. Then she suddenly pushed off Stephen."Get the fuck. You couldn't even give a nice finger, I barely came. Fucking you is useless.". She scoffed and readjusted her clothes. Poor Stephen looked on like  a fool.

Wow. What a dirty bitch. She rode his fingers like she's going to die and she's dumping him after she came. Then she basically ran off. I pitied poor Stephen with his insane hard on. I mentally nodded my head. This woman knows she's hot and she uses the men around her. I know just what to do.


Phew. Today has been insanely hectic. I crashed on my chair and packed up my bag. I can't wait to get home and take a relaxing shower. I grinned at the thought of the fool Stephen.. What did he imagine? Me fucking him? Oh no. I smiled at the way he hit the right spot and made me cum all over my skirt.

His eyes met mine on the assembly this morning and he hastily diverted them. I scoffed. A knock sounded on the door.. "Come in.." I was already on my feet. I picked up my bag. A male student entered and I took a step back instinctively. He looked at me curiously and I asked hastily.."What do you want?" I didn't know why I wanted him to leave! Immediately he entered, it's like he sucked all the air of the office.

"I just need you to kindly explain some questions to me ma'am.." He said with the utmost respect. "Come back tomorrow, I'm leaving now." He began to advance on me. Then I remembered it's very late and my office is situated inside a lab, nobody can even hear me scream.. I began to move back.."What do you want?! I said come back tomorrow! And why are you still around this late?!" I felt fear fill me.

He stopped and I ran to the my seat for safety. He stood on the other side of the desk and smiled so sweetly and innocently. I began to feel better and at ease. "I just wanted your help ma'am.. Please?" He grinned again and I felt intense attraction slam into me.

He's very big. Tall. Filled. Oozing sexiness. He just started growing moustache and the sides of his face is fuzzy with some hairs. My heartbeat returned to normal. He's just a kid. What can he do? I berated myself for noticing how hot he is. I replied.."I have somewhere to be right now. Drop the questions. When next I'm taking your class, I will treat them." He looked straight into my eyes. He didn't gaze at me like a kid. His gaze was filled with confidence. I felt a shudder run through me.

"Ok ma, thanks" he dropped a paper and then moved to the door. I was happy he's going. I can't even understand the mix of emotions running through me right now. I just want him to leave! The next thing I heard was a click. I looked at the door in utter shock. What?!
"What nonsense is this? Why are you locking my door? Are you out of your mind?!" I felt all the fear from earlier fill me and triple. He removed the key from the lock and turned. I saw a sinister smile transform his face. He turned from a boy to a man in an instant.

He dangled the key in front of me and flung it to the far side of the office.
The key slid under a cabinet and I heaved in fear.. I looked at his eyes..."I've been dreaming of you. You've dominated my thoughts and my mind"..he trailed off..."I want you. No, I need to have you. Just once. I want a taste.." I began to shake my head fiercely! "No!" I wanted to die. A secondary school boy fucking me?! Upon all the Men who's tried?!. I shook in agitation.
"Why not? You're here, I'm here, a desk is here.. The circle is complete."

I looked at the boy again. Is this one mad? A student I've never even noticed before in my life?.."Are you normal at all? Stop all this bullshit. Is this a prank? A bet between you and your friends?!" He smiled and I never spoke.."Nobody is around, so scream all you want.." I looked at his hulking size and exquisite face.

I felt fear and something else boil in me.. But also anger. I love controlling all sexual situations!.."stop this nonsense at once" I yelled in my strictest voice. I gathered my courage and moved towards the cabinet; albeit with little confidence and fake bravado. I briefly glanced at him and he just stood, staring back. I rushed to the cabinet and moved to search for the key. I looked again and something akin to madness filled his beautiful eyes.

He lunged at me.

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