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Thursday, 19 April 2018

Wet 5

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Ngozi gave bashir a coy smile. She saw the moment he decided to use the words on her. She knows she's such a liar, but damn.. so exciting. She is willing to prove him wrong. Averting his gaze, Bashir took a deep breath. This was it, Ngozi realized.

She waited in anticipation. 'EXTINCTION,' he whispered, quickly locking his eyes to hers. She stared blankly across the room, her hands limp in her lap, her face serene. 'Stand up,' he ordered, his dark eyes blinking in disbelief as his fiancee obediently rose to her feet. Ngozi is far from submissive. He is sure she's lying.

 'Are you really hypnotized?' he asked. His words were slow, unsure as his human marionette stood silently, her eyes still staring blankly. 'Come on, Ngozi. You can't fool me.' Bashir laughed. 'There's no such thing as hypnosis! It's a stage act, a con!'

Her arms hanging meekly by her sides, she did her best to contain herself as Bashir stood up and walked towards her. Determined to fool him, to put a halt to his continual unbelief, his perpetual cynicism, she decided to go along with whatever he asked her to do. She wants to prove him wrong. She almost burst out laughing anyway. But her instinct to fool him overode that. 

'It's no good,' he laughed as he kissed her cheek. 'I know you're bluffing.' She remained perfectly still, praying that she wouldn't giggle and give the game away as he gently squeezed her naked breast. 'All right, I'll put you to the test,' he announced. 'Jump up and down. I still don't believe you Ngozi. You are not hypnotized!'

Bouncing on the spot, she was sure that she couldn't keep up the pretense for long. But if she could, she thought wickedly, she could have some real fun! Ideas began through her head. She is very curious about how bashir intend to test her. She's soo curious! This excites her.

 'Stand still,' instructed her master. 'I still don't believe this. I need a real test, a foolproof test.' An evil glint crossed his eyes. 'Bend over Ngozi.. show me your wide pussy hole'. Double feelings of shock and affront hit her at once. WHAT???????? 

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