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Sunday, 8 April 2018


I know that I said some things, but then You know that I miss you.
The beauty of it all is in the pain piercing my heart through. 

I kissed you and yet I still felt blue.
Twas like I detached myself after I had applied glue.
Probably my brain was on snooze but i admit whatever choice I made Twas mine to choose.
Putting you through mental pain for this I think of my self with utter disdain.
The love I had for you feels like a quagmire, that's why now all I have is a heart for rent and hire.
Trick-a-treating, moving door to door... Eating several porridges like Jacob hunting down Esaus.
So I play with them like a see-saw whilst trying to fix up my life like a Jigsaw.
Through it all, I can't seem to cut you off like a scissors.
You all up in my face and painted all over my heart, Oh! My! Such beautiful art.
I'm such a stupid brat.
Well woven into this chase of the mouse and the cat.
Pon my mind like Mr Berry, for now and for always.

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