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Wednesday, 11 April 2018

The fucked up situation 1

I am so much in love with my girlfriend lily. We've been next door neighbours for years and It was until we were in jss3 I could ask her out officially.. We would play together, and our families will go on outings together. We are known as best friends..My mother passed away from breast cancer when I was in Ss2, and she was my only crutch and comfort. She was the only light for me and did everything to satisfy my needs.. She accepted my mood swings without question, and I knew i can always count on her..

My father became a drug/alcohol addict due to her death and it made our little family (just I and him; I am the only child they had) fall apart. We rarely see eye to eye on things but, he usually provides all my material needs. He became very strict and my freedom became severely limited. I guess in a way, he's trying to protect me.

I've got the greatest mix of happiness and sadness in me tonight.. I and lily got admission to prestigious universities.. But different ones.. College is going to separate us. But then, we plan to celebrate tonight..

I wore my gown and zipped it up.. I'm so happy tonight.. Finally! I'm going to get fucked.. I can't believe Tri and I are not leaving home for the same college.. I wondered sadly of what would become of our love.. He got admission to UNIPORT and I am going to UNILAG. We have been dating for 3 years and he's been the most perfect gentleman ever. He refused to have anything sexual with me.. That has been excessively frustrating and the max he does is just to peck my cheeks and hold my hands..

I'm so happy We'd pop each others cherry tonight..
I've read a lot of intense romance novels and movies and I fantasise always about having my first time with someone tall, muscular, sexy and intensely handsome.. Although, cute, Tristan is none of those.. But his father Mr Brown is the epitome of that..

Late in the night, after spending my whole day at school with Tristan, i come back home to fantasise about Mr Brown.. He's the sexiest man ever.. I had a massive secret crush on him without tri knowing about it.. He's a very strict man and doesn't tolerate nonsense, so, I'm very scared of him.. But that didn't stop my obsession for him; it made him more appealing to me..

Well, im going to settle for tri.. I've never even seen his dick before.. I just hope it's long and thick. I'm definitely not going to college as a virgin.
I sprayed little perfume under my hands and rushed down the stairs…."Mom, bye!, im going out with Tri"..

"Ok, dear, be safe, and don't be late".. I giggled at the thought of what she'd do if she knows what im going to do with tristan tonight. She's going to kill me.. I got to the porch and I saw Tristan talking to his father in front of their gate. They were arguing heatedly about something, but I couldn't care less.. I took the time to admire Mr Browns physique.. Tri looked puny in comparison.. Tri saw me first and his eyes lit up with joy.. He came to me and took my hands..

"I want to take my moms Lexus, but he's complaining that it needs some repairs.. I don't want us to take public transport.. I've made reservations and if we don't go now, we might have to forfeit it.."

"Let's just take a Taxi.. I don't want us to incur your father's wrath please, and I don't want anything to spoil tonight for us.." I said with concern and  a mischievous glint in my eyes.. We both chuckled and got a taxi and left..
Our parents just think we are very close friends due to the proximity of our houses..

We got back from the dinner and snuck into Tristan's bedroom..
He dragged me inside the room and started kissing me. I melted in his arms and devoured his lips.. He slammed me against the wall and groped my breasts.. Wow!! I'm so impressed.. Where did he learn all this from?! He barely kissed me before.. I feel soo good.. I relaxed in his arms and melted..

He bit my neck and sent wetness dribbling down my thighs.. Tri was on a hungry mode tonight.. He pulled up my gown and started fingering my cunt through the material of my panties.. This is what ive been waiting for!!

He then shoved them aside and sank 3 fingers in me. I moaned loud and he shushed me- reminding me to keep quiet... His father! If we get caught, we are dead!!
I spread my legs wider to give him better access.. He knelt down and started kissing up my thighs..
I am so horny..

One moment we all was fine, the next moment, i heard a big bang! The door crashed open and there was Mr Brown; Tri's Dad. He glowered at us and stepped into the room. "What are you doing here? At this time of the night?"he asked. My cunt is still throbbing and my wits are scattered. " I, I, im sorry sir" i stammered.
He stepped towards me with glittering eyes.. I felt my pussy flutter at his look. "Is that pussy i smell..?'

I was shocked at his words...! How could he say that?! Tristan jumped away from me with my panties dangling in his hands.. He looked as shocked as I felt.. "Dad, i can explain; we are just planning to read.." He stammered..

"Read her cunt! You mean? Is this the nonsense the both of you do? So, this is the shit you do when im not at home right?!" He moved towards tristan and slapped him. I screamed! "Please sir.. It's not his fault.. I se-seduced him sir.."
"Shut up, you whore! Your parents will hear of how slutty you've become! Is this how you go around fucking all the guys?! You,.. He pointed at tristan.."you bastard! At your age!! Is this the bullshit I've been spending all my money for you to do?!" Tristan hung his head in shame..

Mr Brown grabbed my hands and turned me around.. I was shocked! He pulled me towards him and said "you slut.. You whore!" I tried to leave his grasp, but, he proved to strong for me.. "Im a virgin! Tristan is a virgin! We've never done this before".. I tried to plead.. But it fell on deaf ears.. I'd rather die than let my parents find out.. This is so humiliating..
He suddenly pushed me to the wall and bent me over with my hands on the wall. He knelt down and sucked my cunt.. "You bitch, let a real man fuck you!" he said between licks.. I looked back towards tristan and saw him looking at us in shock..

I screamed with pleasure as he fucked me with his tongue while eating up my clit.. I felt myself building to an orgasm... I can't believe this is happening! Is this a movie?!
Tristan tried to intervene, but Mr Brown said "If you make any move to stop me, forget about your finances as far as im concerned".. With a wicked voice, he continued " this whore deserves a real man to fuck her for the first time".. I looked down and saw his dick tenting his pants.. He loosened his belt and whipped out his dick, while rubbing his fingers on it.."and she's going to get it now.."

He fingered me and rubbed the wetness on his dick, saying " you are going to need it.." He then slammed his dick into me.. I screamed in pain and pleasure.. He started fucking me hard and fast while Tri looked on..
I saw the pain etched all over Tristan's face.. He looked on murderously, but he could do nothing after his Father's threat..

I moaned loud and deep at the fucking I'm getting.. Mr Brown carried me to the bed and threw me on it.. He then proceeded to destroy my cunt..

I continued screaming in pleasure.. While Tristan looked on in pain.. He slammed his dick over and over in me while muttering dirty words in my ears.. I felt myself get wetter and his dick slammed into me.. He rubbed my clit and I felt myself fly over the edge..

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