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Thursday, 19 April 2018

Letter to my crush

I had always wondered 
If someone who surpasses
My tormentors does exist
Created to love me

Each day
I work on being better
Prayed to be ready
For when you come

The first time
I had smiled at your image
My heart raced
And a smirk formed

Stupidly wondered 
Where the emotions came from
Cos you were a total stranger
Thou my heart disagreed

Growing to know you
Through my surfing 
You've been painted humble, hard-working and caring
And I must not forget your love for food

I had tagged you
My forever crush
Cos you never left my thoughts 
Like the stream you never stop flowing

And somehow we got talking
Proving to be better than
What I read about
Not shy thou

You're the perfect gift
For any celebration 

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