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Thursday, 19 April 2018


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I love a woman but I fear her the most, she could put me on toast, she could shut down my boast.
The texture of the fabric of her mind is indeed amazing, demonic and angelic, an irony in flesh and spirit.
I'm fascinated by the way her mood flickers.
Some times she kicks ass. 

Other times she gets her ass kicked.
I'm surprised by her thought process.
How she jumps into conclusions, painting pictures that make no sense.
Her face can appear bright yet her mind is heavy and dense.
She could come through as not giving a fuck but really she does care the most.
I wonder how they could be parasites and also hosts.
What then really floats their boats?
They cried over you one second ago and then you are dropped like a bad habit.
They are all too outspoken now and tomorrow, it's straight down their holes like a rabbit.
So much strength in a being and yet so much weakness.
Image result for beautiful pictures of butterflies and flowers
Alot of meekness and assertiveness.
Alot of confusion,  yet with the ability to be an agent of stability.
Chameleons of the unconventional sorts.
Forever leaving an imprint in your thoughts.
A woman... Simple and yet so confusing.
Straight forward and complex... They always find a cool way to fuse it.
I love a woman but her unpredictability makes me afraid.

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