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Wednesday, 18 April 2018

Wet 3

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Adenike has been Ngozi's best friend since they were tiny tots. As opposed to ngozi's mom who took off, Adenike's mom was available for the both of them. She brought up Ngozi as her own, despite the tribal differences and she was a mother to them until her passing.

They really missed her and the dear woman's love, brought the both of them closer than sisters. This was why after clearly disregarding both their opinions and going ahead with the course, Adenike was the first person she called immediately she got back from Badagry- that's where the course was held.

The phone rang and rang before cutting off. It would seem that Adenike is busy at work and has no time to pick calls. She briefly debated calling bashir, but she changed her mind. He's coming back home soon enough.

She pulls off her shoes and reclined in the sofa, her mind running through all the activities and course she underwent for 3 weeks, yet failed woefully. Shit. Triple fuck. And they warned me not to waste money and undertake this nonsense course, but I didn't answer them.

"How will I face the both of them," she thought. Ngozi is a very proud woman and cannot let any element of shame mar her perfection. She still can't understand how she failed to learn anything. She tried to blame the lecturer, but she knew it was false. Other students learnt and fully perfected the art, but she.. she couldn't even do anything!

Was it because they didn't support her? Did their negativity cast a bad eye on her progress? She knew it was unlikely, but she is willing to blame anyone but herself. Her major problem now is how to tell them she failed. They will laugh at her for years to come and not allow her live it down. The "We told you so will be very plenty" she thought.

She can already begin to see Bashir's handsome face breaking out into a huge grin of pure evil and Adenikes' following suit. NO."I absolutely can't tell them I failed". A plan began to crystalize in her mind and she grins. "They will never find out. I know just what to tell them".

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