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Sunday, 15 April 2018

The sex scene 8

His thrusts changed to a deep, rolling grind- slower, but no less insistent. He suckled on my breasts hungrily, taking turns giving them attention.

“please, please,” I moaned, rubbing my clit faster as my walls clenched and released around his cock, massaging him as the familiar feeling of orgasm built in me once again.

This was stronger than before, though, stronger than anything I had ever experienced, and I felt like a wild woman, hungry for release.

"please,” I repeated, not sure what I was asking for, just knowing that I needed him to keep fucking me like he was fucking me- wild, hard, raw.

I was so close, so close, right on the edge, and each time he drove into me, he pushed me towards getting what I wanted so badly.“Oh fuck, Tito, I’m going to come.”

“Come inside me, please,” I begged, the words springing from my mouth without really thinking..

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