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Wednesday, 18 April 2018


I watched you go, now I see you come back.
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I watched you learn your lesson, but before then I watched you leave with all of your things in a napsack.
My brain gave me no reasons for your actions, even after I had put it on a ransack.
Pitch black is all I see when I think back.
Back to the time when we frolicked. 

I then realized there was no use, the fuse was blown and my ass had been kicked.
It had been 'free-kicked', Ronaldo hitting the ball with such ferocity.
Now you are back in my city.
Now you are back at my door, on all fours putting in a plea.
For reals tho, all that's on my mind is how you stung me like a flea.
The regret bites me, for I wondered why I never fled.
My heart bled for all of the things you said.
"Don't love too fast" they said, but I was in a haste... Searching for a love that would last.
Fast forward to the present... I'm contemplating if I should put you on blast.
An eye for an eye afterall, would I make that sacrifice even if I knew it would make us both blind?
It might be worth the hurt, put you on flames, burnt and hot.
I guess it's better I stall, leaving you at the doors of forgiveness or left alone in its halls.
If at the end I do fall, I guess it's because Twas meant to be.
I'd rather succumb to destiny, instead of being trapped in what coulda been.

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