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Sunday, 15 April 2018

The sex scene 5

He pulled off my shorts and licked my clit.. It was like I couldn’t control my body anymore. All I could think of was how wonderful his tongue felt on me.

I tingled all over, hot sparks of pleasure dancing through me from head to toe. I almost forgot to breathe, only concentrating on the sweet release that was drawing nearer and nearer as he licked me.

He held onto my thighs as they began to shake hardcore, quivering as sexual energy built up inside me to the point where it had nothing left to do but burst.

I erupted, my head spinning, my legs quivering uncontrollably as I called out his name.“fuck yes, oh fuck yes, oh fuck, fuck!”

I breathed in deeply, feeling dizzy and lightheaded as I finally came back to reality. He gave my clit one last kiss before moving up so that he was over me again.

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