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Friday, 13 April 2018

Hamil dirty restaurant escapade 2

As i was saying,

I ran my hands up her thigh and she tries to shift away. I firmly hold her in place. I continue to massage a spot on there thick thighs while still talking. Slowly but surely, she began to part her thighs for me. I dove in.

My fingers smack dab touched wetness. Fuck. Slut ain't wearing panties. I gave her a dirty grin and she winked. So she wanted this all along, but tried to play coy.

I hate women like this. I didn't let my irritation show, but I shoved 4 fingers into her cunt and she gasped very loudly, making other diners stare in our direction. I continued talking like nothing was happening, while my long fingers explored the crevice of her deep depth.

Soon enough, a dirty thought came to me. I use my other hand to slap her thigh apart under the table and they widen in concession. Fuck her. In as much as im angry, i can't deny my arousal at her wetness.

I began to try tucking in my fifth finger. This cunt is gonna get fisted in public.

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