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Friday, 13 April 2018

The sex scene 4

I found a rhythm, sucking in my cheeks so I could grip him as snugly as possible, loving the feeling of his thick cock inside my mouth.

His thrusts upward into my mouth became faster, more erratic, and I could hear his breathing grow heavier.

He tugged me down by my hair, hitting against my throat repeatedly, making my eyes water.

My pussy got wetter and wetter as he fucked my throat, he growled, roughly yanking me off his cock by my hair.I looked up at him as he sat there, inhaling and exhaling deeply, his legs spread wide apart.

I reached out tentatively to grab his cock, wanting to taste him again, but he jerked my head back, making me drop my hand.“Don’t,” he said, his voice a low warning. “If you do, I’ll come right now.”

“And you’d rather fuck me first, right?” I asked, climbing back onto his lap, feeling his bare cock, slick with my saliva, pressing against me through the fabric of my shorts.

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