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Monday, 9 April 2018

Don't open this!

Seems tonight i'd be swimming in Chardonnay mixed with some classic tunes from sade.
Shut down my thoughts, so no one can access my windows.
Close curtains so i can be alone with my thoughts.
Stay in long enough till am in love with them, and the only way out is through the doors.
But do i really need to leave?, when in here my tears aid to scrub my floors.
Imperfect like a Muhfvcker with scrambled teeth or a lady with absurd tits.

Sociopathic?, Psychopathic? all of these dark shades reside in the attic.
I'd be lost in calculus if i tried to conjure the arithmetic that best proves the number of times i've shut them out.

So for a niccur so crude with oil in his veins... watch the pressure with which you drill, for there could be a blowout.
Whatever you get then would be the repercussions of your actions.

I wouldn't give no flying fvck if the consequences you face are as a result of your hallucinations off the back of your concussion.
Better still if you want a concession to your questions.
Take a trip down memory lane.

To the moment the window got cracked, maybe you'd feel the window's pain.
I scuff at the marble floor, while sade's "The sweetest taboo blares"
With eyes fvcking bloodshot, like i mixed the weed with some blem.

High as the clouds, Speakers so loud, A joint residing between my middle and index finger... is this loud?
Sometimes it feels like you only need you in your life... coz two is sort of like a crowd.
Thoughts on thoughts that wouldn't be masked by snapchat filters.

My drive is on adolf mode?, but would end up a hitter or a hitler?.
Can't really spot the difference between the two, but i'd just follow the logic that states "almost is just as good as never".
Yeah! I might go off and on like Nepa.

My mind may be filthy, So go ahead and treat me like a leper.
Am really all 'bout calming the storm, fvck the ministry.
Sure as hell can't rewrite the books huh? is this a class for history.

A story has been told... forward and backwards.
It's back to the Chardonnay, 'nuff thanks to sade.