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Saturday, 21 April 2018


Image result for beautiful image of smokeSlip me a pill, I swear to God that it heals.
It feels real.
Kush up my shisha pot, I'm a slut who's boxed up in sloth.
Lazy as fuck, lackadaisical with my alarm forever on snooze, so when the hitters come I cannot duck.
Slip me the molly, coz I ain't really holy and I don't feel I need to make heaven, coz on molly the heavens often come to me. 

Down on my knees not to pray but to sniff the whites and choke on the coke.
This powder is to make up my mind and conceal my real pain.
I'm hurt but I feel this and many more would numb the pain.
Novacane when it rains coz frank ocean said the same.
Yes the coda got me slow, yes I thought it would pull me out of my low but now I know it ain't do shiii and my heart still drops to it's knees when time finally quickens. 
Image result for beautiful image of smoke

I'm in haste to be a better me, I slip and I fail , then Mary Jane becomes an escape route to hide my tail.
Slip me the ref, I feel blue so why shouldn't my tongue be so too.
Xanny, Xanny, Adderall and Rochi Mami...
Floating on the sea, landing on the port of Miami.
My youth is being taken from me, gradually I'm falling to the earth like autumn leaves.
Blown far away, dancing to the music of the sea breeze.
Image result for beautiful image of smoke

It all seizes to exist but for only a moment, right now seems like forever because soon enough forever would be over and the harsh realities would take over.
This doesn't take me no where but rather it pulls me back.
Maketh me lose track of the fact, that I am, way useful than I am when I high.
And when I'm low there's only one way to go and that's up... With a better feeling than that which I feel when the pills pop. 

Don't stop, don't stop goes the whisper in my head.
It's the devil and he only wants me dead...
No escape, not even with superman and his red cape.

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