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Tuesday, 24 April 2018

Sex teacher 2

Image result for SEXY IMAGE OF A WOMANNuel

I was dumbfounded the entire rest of the day. I went home in a haze. Cloudy, sex induced, maddening haze. I totally forgot my plans to invite my girlfriend over and bang the crazy shit out of her. My goodness. The new teacher is Hot. Like, nerdy kind of Hot; but Hot nonetheless.

I laid on my bed and replayed what I saw in my memories. I looked up at her heart shaped ass. Her voice is very tiny and grated along the edges of my dick nerves. Yes. I sported an erection during the entire class. Oh my Fuck. She being a teacher is a huge crime against male students.

Image result for SEXY IMAGE OF A WOMANShe was dressed conservatively in a knee length skirt and blue shirt, tucked in and formal. Her hair was packed in a bun and a pencil held it in place. She has a swan like elegance and incredible grace. Her absolutely gorgeous eyes were framed by glasses; which is a crime. The breasts though. They pushed against the boundaries of her shirt buttons and looked like they'd pop out any minute.

Physics never sounded better to my ears spoken in her melodic voice. I thoroughly understood every calculation and I yearned to see her again.
I have to have her. She's a Miss Victoria which means she's definitely up for grabs. Even if she's married, I don't give a fuck. I rolled a joint and puffed on it deeply. I began to plot how to catch her heart shaped ass.


I had a restless sleep and it's affecting my equilibrium. I couldn't be more happier to have my own office- I'm not in the mood for small talks from other nosey teachers. They've been speculative about me, especially since I don't mingle with them at the staff room. I like it that way though.

I was absent minded and bumped into someone as I stepped into the lab. Strong hands grabbed my breasts and squeezed. A wave of shock hit me. I looked up and fell into the eyes of a very handsome man. I recognized him vaguely as the chemistry teacher. He held on to my breasts a second longer, then dropped his hands. "Excuse me? What sort of nonsense is that? Aren't you seeing?" He looked at me innocently and said.."I was just trying to steady you. I meant no harm.."and raised his arms up.

Image result for SEXY IMAGE OF A WOMANI scoffed and he said.."seriously. I'm sorry if any offence was taken.." In such a guiless voice. I began to feel bad for yelling at him. But I couldn't ignore the low fire his touch has started in my belly. I stood rooted to the spot and he passed by me and left.

I rushed into my office and dropped my bag on the floor. Then I Sat and laid my head on the desk. My head touched the cold wood and I began to calm. I replayed the few seconds his hands grabbed my breasts.. So manly and dominant and I felt arousal fill me.
I began to play scenes of him fucking me and it got worse. My blood began to boil. I heard a knock and flipped my head up. "Come in,"I muttered. It turned out to be the object of my fantasy. "Yes?" I said harshly.."I just came to apologise once again.."he drifted off.."It's ok now..I'm kind of busy.. So?" Get the fuck out of here, let me fantasise in peace. I said in my head.

He got the drift and left. But Not before I saw the huge bulge tenting his pants. I creamed some more.

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