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Monday, 23 April 2018

naija girl today

Image result for image of an evil tearsI got the interview and it was a fiasco. Remember I had that episode of where my suit skirt got torn. Well it was awful. I rushed into the company's restroom to see what i could do salvage my suit before it was my turn.

I was in there when one motherly looking woman came in, looking all concerned and all. I didn't know when i spilled all my woes on her and I even told her that this company is not my best choice, but i will manage it.

I noticed her countenance went cold, but i was too agonized to care. Voila, the same woman conducted the interview. I t was then i knew my big mouth has gotten me into big trouble.

of course i didn't get the job!
and now im back on the streets of lagos with no hope.

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