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Tuesday, 17 April 2018

Safe bob

Image result for beautiful pictures of butterflies and flowers..... Falsifiability and Scientific Methods. Given these variations among areas of science, the first step in scientific methodology is to observe nature in some way via observations or simple experiments....

Story story,  all I thought of was how to escape from the boring class and have my own sexual experiment with the shining instrument I had hidden away in my bag.
My pussy was waiting for the excitement it'll bring, it has been days I had my puna jerked. My recent postcard is a shy one, hides away in my stack of letters.  I wonder how long his dick is 🤔, can't wait to ride pardon me read him I meant😂.
Walked back home like a model on a runway, twisting both thighs so my river wouldn't flow.  The tide was high. Safely I got home, how it happened only my legs knew. Undressing like flash on a rescue mission.
Taadaa🤣 the shining armor out sliding in like a ball played by Ronaldo into the post my pussy, with my neighbors music echoing "it's a goal goal" omoshepeteri.....

The pendulum Bob was chilling In and out with my safe thread at its top... Was at the land of the Holy of Holy.

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