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Tuesday, 17 April 2018


Girl it's  me, you and the crackpot.
Light one, bless the brain... and never ever see the world same.
Let the high kick in, till you feel your legs lame.

And oh yeah! it might f*ck with your head alil', but it ain't the worst game.
Girl it's me, you and the jackpot.
When i hit it big, you gon' be balling all season.
In clubs more grand than Madrid or Barca.
Where the bottles keep passing from hand to hand... tiki-taka.

Put a ring on it and bring you to my home.
'Coz with you by my side i never lost away.
You never let me listen to the words that the others always say.

Told me i had the fire, and taught me to keep firm like Pearson-Spectre-Litt.
I bet my last name would give your first a ring to it.
When they'd call you "Mrs", i can't envisage the blessings that it'd bring.
"Here comes the bride", the choir would sing.
And those that thought we wouldn't come this far, i wonder how much it would sting.

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