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Saturday, 28 April 2018

My laments

Image result for painting of a girlI have a dream but i can't close my eyes to see it.
I've worked too hard... my sweat hit the earth yet i can't germinate through this land.
Don't ask me why, 'coz lately the only letters i see are W-H-Y.
I often ask myself why i can't hit the sky.
And when people ask me "what's up?" i can't help but tell a lie.
I'm bothered by this lack of growth.

Somebody tell me what has happened to the seed i've sown?
Welcome to my vineyard, where my grapes only make sour wine.
So stuck in this waiting game, i pray the coach subs me out and signals an end to my time.
Till then let me keep telling y'all this story, wrapped in poetry and tied in a bow with my tearfully written rhymes.
The thing is... I've been far from the ordinary, yet it seems i can't add the extra, hung in transition between two superlatives.
What do i do if these lemons don't make lemonade?
What do i do if I never make the grade?
From a phobia of failure to an affinity for it.
Now i seat legs crossed... across a table from it.
Despite looking at the menu, I've observed table manners while dining with it.
It's like having that friend that pisses you off come around every time.
It's like having that bad date last from 4 till 9.
Success please would you be mine?
I'll drop down on a knee and give you rings till you finally pickup.
Till you take me away in cuffs.
Coz i know they speak 'bout me with scorn, in their voice i can hear them scoff.
All i ask is for my hay to be made now that my sun shines.
Image result for painting of a girlAll i ask for is clarity, else i slip down these stairs so fast like i was going down a landslide.
Gone are the days when i was awesome, everything i touched went gold especially my indeliberate actions... but now where has my midas touch gone?
Please would you come back, I mean life's been flipped without you.
Now i see the other side, alone on this new island washed ashore by the rivers tide.
The breeze ruffles the trees and reality feels so virtual.
Am i gonna be stuck here forever? or do i need to perform a ritual?
I know my hope should be strong, but i can't help but despair.
The situation chokes, figuratively i gasp for air.
I've strived for so long without results that i guess the best option is to hang my boots...that should atleast take away the pain.
But do Quitters ever win? i guess not.
Coz i don't know how long i can keep up.
Everything around me seems so woozy... like my world spun so fast and came to a sudden stop.
Dear Lord... i think it's time for you to put the cherry on top.
Expunge my sins and exorcise my demons.
Guess i need prayers from both the Muslim clerics and the christian monks.

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