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Monday, 9 April 2018


Dear You,

If i attempt to say 'Hello or hi or how are you doing, it would be unlike me...but still, my love, hope you are missing me the way i miss you right now?

The thing is, I don't even know what to write.. Im listening to 'Nothing but trouble'
...but still im trying to get inspired #smile..

 *clears throat*
I hate the letter you wrote to me and any moment when I'm alone, i pick it up and read it over and over again..the edges of the paper is crinkled and beginning to tear..

Right now, i feel more alone than ever in my life because we are apart and i feel like a part of me is incomplete.. i see you in my dreams more often than not and every time, i keep yearning for you over and over..

The distance has become a physical force field barring us apart..

This is just too much.. i mean, you've been gone up for some time and i feel a chasm growing in me daily and the thing is, how am i going to cope in the coming days without you? I'm overwhelmed...

I listen to your Music and feel you drifting far away..
Lyrics crumbling my weak defenses..
I know that regardless of my emptiness and loneliness, you are strong enough to keep me together and it will bind the shards of my soul...its strong enough to be my coping mechanism...

I hope my memories are strong enough to hold you together and bear the emptiness of missing me... I see you right in my face, but i can't touch..
The truth is, definitely, this puzzle is real and will definitely be complete whether we are together or not...

Set fire to my heart and the embers from our ashes burns through my psyche everyday...just your smile alone fuel explosions in my depths that would ooze to my outsides when your fingers touch me...

..You lay in my heart whispering sweet words to me...
But his voice is like the beautiful notes floating off music sheets -sweet to my soul when played by you but curling around me like mist when the tones end..those are the words that keep me going through this empty times without you.. I hear his words and wish they were said in your voice..

The sounds cocoon me and provide the companionship i so desire...i drink them in like the food of the gods- ambrosia and thirst for more...

Your fingers drip with the blood giving life to connection; but the blood is clotting and i feel nothing from you anymore..

and your touch is the alphabet with which our being is written, but the sentences formed are chilling..

Your kisses give me life and i wish for it always with every breath i take so i may have many more of it and cuddle eternally in your heart; but the memories of them now saddens me..

That signature smirk of yours soak me in shades of reverberating loving delights that no one else feels and now its twisted into to a sadistic grin..

The supposed art in me; but it tore us apart..

Happy you are my strongest inspiration; to write sad words.

You were my this and that, I was your here and there, we were each other's somewhere and everywhere...

It was genuine and pure, flaming, wild, scorching, deep and exquisite..

I'm letting you go, because right now..

.. Everything,
Gone to the wind.


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