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Wednesday, 18 April 2018

Wet 4

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Ngozi heard Bashir's car in the driveway and her stomach clench with incredible excitement. This is the moment she has been waiting for. Quickly, she tore the scoresheet recording her failure, flush it down the drain and smooth her hands down her nightie.

"My baby!" Bashir grinned widely and hoisted her up into his capable arms. "I saw your car in the driveway and my heart melted. I didn't know you were coming back home today! I'd have stayed back to cook...." he trailed off as Ngozi said "sshhhh" and captured his lips in a gentle kiss of love.

She has missed her man incredibly. Three weeks without him was like 3 years. Their kiss grew more frenzied and then softened to a peck. "I miss you so much baby" Ngozi said as she hugs him harder. "You're home now love.." he hugged her back. Now, she wished she wasn't so stubborn and had quietly listened to them. She lost money, time, and most importantly, time with her man.

Bashir gently placed her back on her feet and dropped his bag. "The event planner has called with some updates and will like to.." his voice trails off as Ngozi pulls of her nighties to show him her ripe, brown and shiny body for him to peruse.

All the blood in Bashir's body short circuited to his cock as he feasted his eyes on the smooth expanse of his soon-to-be wife's incredible body. "fuck" he thought. "How did I score such a good and curvy looking temptress. She is everything he ever wished for. Edge, brains, body, looks, attitude.. Everything..

He slowly pulled her to him and gently caressed her body like he's making love to her for the first time. He took his time to touch and lick everywhere until they couldnt bear it anymore and just had to couple.

Bashir brought her to gentle orgasm twice.. yet she wasn't satisfied. She gazed at him, spent, on the rug and wished he was a bit firmer with her, a bit harsher. She yearned for something, but she couldnt place it. He was her first and she doesnt know anything she is missing out on. Sure, she reads books and watches dirty movies, but still.

Bashir pulled her closer, wrapping his arm around her.. "How was the course baby.. Hope you had fun learning," he asked casually. She could hear the mocking tone behind his loving voice though. "Yes I did baby. I enjoyed it. It was absolutely fun. And what more, the lecturer planted a trigger word in my subconscious which works!" she lied sweetly.

He suddenly sat up straighter. "Oh really," he said with a smirk. "I don't believe you baby. That's not possible". he scoffed. The urge to prove him wrong suddenly overtook her and she said recklessly "I'm not lying! My trigger word is EXTINCT"!

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