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Monday, 23 April 2018


Image result for image of sexIts been such a looongg time I wrote. I miss writing here.. I've been so absorbed with the new guy I met. Flash back, we hooked up at a business dinner. Man was a hot mother fucker and honestly, I could wait to spread wide for him. He was everything. Sexy. Intelligent and career oriented.

After our meeting, we opted to check out the view from the restaurant terrace. A private terrace, might I add. We discussed everything our tongues could lay on and soon enough, I saw his eyes unable to leave the slit in my thigh.

We threw back glasses of wine and no one talked about leaving. We watched the sun set together and the next thing I know, his lips are pressed against my neck. His lips kissed, bit and suckled my flesh and I felt myself melt into him. He made me get incredibly turned on.

He gently up pulled my dress, while laving my back with kisses. my making me fell like the only woman in the world. He then slid his finger into my pussy. He filled me up. I was gently bent over the railing while i heard a foil tear.

I reach back and slowly guided his dick into my sheath. We banged there. Ciao!

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