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Monday, 9 April 2018


Hung in the balance yet the pendulum swings.
The clock ticks.
The plot thickens.
The stagnation is real so there is no lack of surprise when I see us running daily like headless chickens.
The status quo is a brick tied to our feet.
We are plunging to the depths.
There is an unusual calm as we plunge to our deaths.
The taste is salty.
Slow and real slow we go.
Slow and real slow we ride the wave of our ancestors who jumped from ships to escape bondage.
The twist is that we're bringing the chains back to 'em.
We have been tricked and the sleight of hand was really quick.
Who would remove us from this hypnosis?
We haven't been crying out.
We haven't done enough in this crisis.
So who then would save us now...
Some one to come in with thunder claps like kung lao.
Or someone to come in, removing the spell that has been casted with their spell binding presence.
Or someone with a different persona maybe?
Dear lord would you please save 'we'?

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