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Saturday, 21 April 2018

I am, I was.

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I've been hiding my kevin's heart, I admit I do it real slick.
I'm a cheat, breaking hearts, it's a shame that I'm a big prick.
You taste better and do better, yet I still go for versions that are beta.
I'm real dumb, for not seeing you are a real one who's better than those half baked cakes that I taste behind your back. 

I'm way off track and there's something in my brain that I confess I really do lack.
My smile is crooked at dinner coz I'm only thinking about dessert.
I had you for appetizer and now it's the main course, yet for some reason the taste don't feel good enough. 
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Dessert's gonna be outsourced to that other lady beneath you.
I feel blue, coz at the end I realize she wouldn't satisfy me and this hunger I feel is unquenchable.
It's too late... I've picked up a bad habit, amma sneaky lil' nigga... I still dig through their holes like a rabbit.
I hop from one lady to another, dancing feet of a hobbit.
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I admit it that I'm wack, but I give no excuse.
I've fucked around and done worse things, there's really no escape route to dodge such things.
It's not like it's wired in my nature, yeah I chose that way.
I could've been faithful but some how I decided it's the way of a fool.
It's the way that keeps me at the bottom of the loo.
Ask the women that I woo.
I move sleek and softer than wool.
I use 'em, they use me... Ain't we all tools?
99.9 times I do it coz her back is as big as toolz. 

But God gave you that figure, I'm a fool coz I couldn't figure it out.
I'm in search of the finer things of life but I Da vinci's painting in my room.
My ill decisions brought me to my doom.
Right in my own yard yet I can't even see through it. 

You are a flaming fire but I'm out Here in the cold, it's all on me too dumb to figure out the code.
So I'm stuck on this life till i decide not to.
The choice is mine, the voice is mine, to sip from this cup of suffering... Face is squeezed from the taste of sour wine.
I'll survive only when I am, changes to I was.
I'm a cheat.
I was a cheat.