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Friday, 20 April 2018


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The past few weeks has been the best of my life!!!
Who knew that Adeola could be so humorous, my insides swelled with the urge to se pe fun segun... But I couldn't rain curse words down on my future in-law, God just save im nyash walahi.  
I hadn't seen her since our encounter at 'Alhaji's house', but it seemed like we saw daily, all thanks to the internet and of course Meister Zuckerberg. I really needed to see her soon, else woe may betide me.
" 'Deola mi, it's been like three weeks since we saw, let's link up soon... #WhaYaSay?"
" Soon Davy, I wanna give you a surprise visit".
Her text in reply to mine seemed to cause ripples and quakes inside of me, instantly my mind raced to... Yes you got it... MEKWE! I swiftly scrubbed those thoughts off my mind, she wasn't one of those girls I was gonna do like that. I was just trying to 'seek first her kingdom, but if everything else that follows is added onto me... Who am I to refuse eh?
I texted back:
"Argggh, I hate surprises... I hope you'll give me some sort of heads up, I wonder how you'll get my address sef"
She replied:
"This is the 21st century, that wouldn't cause much headache, yours is to be prepared"
Ain't I in for a treat I pleasantly thought to myself.
"Ok Hun, Have it your way"
She sent one of those cute smiley faces and indicated she had to go.
Image result for beautiful images of flowersAs the hours that followed turned into days, I began to realize how much I really had fallen for Adeola. Damn! It seemed unhealthy AF! But then she was my drug and daily dosage of her voice was enough to keep me hooked.
I couldn't write bout anything that didn't revolve around her, she was my muse and it reflected in my every action and ofcourse my inactions.
Faaassssssttttt ffffoooorrrwaaarrrddd!
Thursday, 19th of April, 2018.
I was in my room prepping for my GRE examination, racking my brain here and there... When I heard it...
Riiinggg!! Rinnng!!
I picked up Asap once I saw the caller ID,
" 'Deola baby, bawo ni? "
"Mo wa pa o, hope you home because I'm bout 15 minutes away from your house"
"Whaaaaat, you kidding right"
"No I Ain't babe, catch ya in 15"
Immediately she dropped the call I went into a frenzy, I dived into the bathroom for a quick shower, put on clothes, arranged the house, sprayed air-freshner where needed... Boy was I good at this stuff, I guess issa ting for the experienced.
My phone buzzed again,
"You at my gate right?"
She replied in the affirmative, hence I dashed to open the gate for here.
"Wow! You loookkk...."
She interjected
"Davy you look fresher and sweeter than the last time we saw, may I come in? "
"By all means baby"
My eyes fell once again on her body and they refused to rise once more, she looked yummy in her body ox-blood body con gown... But the lion in me was yearning and 'bout to roar for anoda kinda blood.
"Don't be stupid now Dave" I said to myself in a bid not to blow up this good stuff. I offered her water and asked what she would love to eat, her reply blew me off into the next realm of the loving tingy.
She said:
"How about I cook and we eat, what's your fav? "
We went back I forth coz I refused to let her cook on her first day here... I finally had to cave because she didn't look like she was ever going to cave. I showed her the kitchen and what was where, stuck around and watched this angel of God prepare lunch for me, sorry for we ojere. Well, anywhich way.
Soon enough food was ready, thanks to Nepa we sat in the parlour watching TV and gisting 'bout random stuffs. The plates got empty and I ensured I won the battle of who cleared the plates.
Strolling back from the kitchen whilst whistling I was taken aback by her next question.
"Davy, show me where the magic happens"
I was like wooooah!! Dumbfounded and discombobulated, she swiftly noticed my confusion and rescued me from mystery.
"I meant the writing magic, where you write, Gosh! You're a baddie"
I was caught in between embarrassed and laughing at my own self. I led her to my room...
"Babe, this is where both of my magic wands work best"
I gave her a likkle wink, I swear she blushed for a bit. She wanted to see my unpublished materials and ofcourse I obliged, no be me kuku get myself.
I watched her from the bed as she perused my ish, she really seems to enjoy poetry and I in turn enjoyed that she enjoyed poetry... So sweet innit?
"This is beautiful!!" She exclaimed coming to me in a rush, "how com you've not written something for me yet".
"But that was about you 'deola"
Immediately she melted into my arms like olaf under intense sunlight, our eyes locked and I knew soon kinzzing would follow through.
Image result for beautiful images of kisses

I thought to say 'this doesn't look right 'deola', but as I opened my lips to speak... She shut me up by locking her lips to mine, if this wasn't the best kiss I've had in years let my right hand wither O Lord!
Here we were lips locked and naturally my hands begin to Christopher columbus in a vibe of exploration, but my Dick was safely at bay docked and locked.
We fell on the bed and like my hands were used to, bras were off!!
But the devil knows just how to bring gbege...
Rinnnnmg!!! Rinngggggf!!!  Ringgggg!! X6
I couldn't ignore anymore, so I had to pick up... Immediately I saw the caller ID my Dick fell.
This nigga put a tracker in his sister or what!!!
"Segun ow va na? "
"Bro, I dey ojere"
"What's the level? "
"Me and Zoza dey come your house, we dey bustop like this, we go soon climb bike, we come vespa from there we say make we check you"
And Just like that sweat turn rain for my body.

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