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Saturday, 21 April 2018

Shades of Pain

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there are 20 million shades.
and pain.
Image result for images of pain
they speak to me.
their language of horrid colours.
dull is what life seems.
a awful shade of ashy lace.

i bleed endlessly.
i bleed to die.
i feel not the pain,
the pain is deep inside.

the shades of which i see life.
my hues of dark storms.
the colour of lightening skies.
thunderstorms arcing electricity.

let me breathe in it.
i rever in its power.
it makes me come alive.
dark, insidous and sour.

take your blues and pinks.
i have no use for them.
all i stand for is insane.
a kaleidoscope of pain.

my shades befit me.
i wear my cloak proud.
i stand in the storm undaunted.
i will never bow down!

yes, i want the pain.
its the only left thats sane.
its my power.
its my control.
its my pain.

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