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Friday, 13 April 2018

The sex scene 2

I kissed him, rolling my hips in slow circles against his crotch.. I moaned, tilting my head back. “You are so beautiful, he breathed, fingering the neckline of my shirt. “Let me see you.”

He held my waist in his large hands to steady me, and I grabbed the bottom hem of my shirt, pulling it over my head. He looked at my bare breasts, seemingly stunned for a moment, not saying anything as he looked from one to the other.

Then he leaned forward, softly kissing my nipple before taking it into his mouth and suckling. It’s like my nipples were directly connected to my clit, because my little nub immediately began throbbing.“Oh god.."

 I bit my lip, overcome by the sensations coursing through me as he took turns
sucking and pinching my nipples. I held onto his strong shoulders, grinding against his lap, his hard cock roughly stimulating my clit as he worked miracles with his wet tongue.

He bit my nipple, grasping it between his teeth, and the pleasurable pain made me cry out, forgetting to be quiet.

I needed him badly, needed to touch him, feel him, and not with any clothing separating us. I pulled back from him and slid off his lap and down to the floor, kneeling between his thighs. I kissed his legs before grabbing his boxers...

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