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Monday, 2 April 2018

Cupid hit

I promise to take you as you are, your grey areas i'd expunge, take them to the east while we reside in the west.

Because Falling in love with you is the event in my life that's so far the best.
You never ask for much, all you required was all of you in exchange for me.

You told me Twas the truth that got you high on love, so i promise to give you all of it instead of weed.

Beautiful from your soul within and it spills outwards.
For your heart i'd fight, i'd gut whosoever is in my path with several sharp swords.

Not a man for saying plenty, but how i feel i had to pen down.
In the empire of my heart, of whom you're the empress... sceptre in your left hand, and the purest of diamonds bring glitz to your crown.

With you i feel safe, strong rooms of the central bank.
With you am no slave... to my emotions or to love... you provide cover like an armoured tank.
My superwoman, you don't need an 'S' on your chest.
A rare gem, even captain red beard couldn't have you in his famed treasure chest.

You lifted me up and healed the cuts in my heart, you patched up my bursted spleen.
You lit the way in the darkness when the others snuffed out dawn and made dusk.

All i think about these days is making a home, exchanging goofy faces while i help our daughter wear her socks.
From several yards out cupid took aim and shot a nigga that was stupid.

Straight into the left side of my torso, opening my eyes into the beauty of your person.
I fell for you on a slope so steep, no regrets, this most definitely is a love so deep.

Hence these are the professions of a man whom cupid struck when he let his arrow fly.
These are the confessions i make as my heart empties itself from where the arrow pierced...

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