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Thursday, 5 April 2018

Delilah Dirty Diary 7

Dear diary.

Its been so long I had time to write in you. I've been overwhelmed with work and I'm usually exhausted. Anyway, today, I saw Him. He was with her. My cousin.

We had a family gathering this weekend and she had the guts to bring him there, flaunting him as her "boyfriend". The bastard was grinning back to back. I was so angry, but trust me,I acted purely indifferent.

I'm sure they came there with the intention of hurting me. Although they succeeded,they couldn't see my pain. I love my family. Everyone stood by me and eyed them including her sisters. They were just hissing at her and her stupidity.

I should have listened. To my mum, aunts and sisters. Even to my best friend. But no, I'm in love I said. Every one could see his flaws clearly, but I was blinded. I wish I listened.

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