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Friday, 6 April 2018

Diary of a Poet 3

Words flying through my mind all at the same time

Which ones make sense and which ones rhyme

Writer's block has taken over my subconscious

All I know is this is a bunch of nonsense

I sit staring at the screen trying to think

Trying to create the flow of my ink

Frustrated, complicated it shouldn't be

Why can't I type out the visions that I see

I feel sudated, medicated with writer's flu

Mad at myself for not knowing what to do

It will pass in time this is the truth

It's like magic because suddenly the light turns on and poof

Then the words flow naturally once again

With every single genius stroke of the pen

Writer's flu; that's funny to me but probably not to you

But it's ok because I'm easy to amuse

Well I guess I'm back to sitting here feeling like I'm doomed

One thing's for sure my mind it will not consume

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