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Wednesday, 4 April 2018

Diary of a Poet

With my quill and ink I sit and think, of the journeys left to speak.

How I love to weave and tangle my words neatly upon ones mind.

I want to open your mind with mine.

Writing about the souls journeys upon this earth.

Taking your mind on a ride to enchanted forest where lovers speak

To dark places where the reaper reaps. Taking my time to intangel your mind with mine.

Giving you a safe place to escape for just a moment in time, sending you on a tale of one who has been throughout the universe fighting battles unheard of.

Spinning my words to the core of your being, introducing you to a ghost lost from life times before.

Taking you to a dream land where his presence haunts your soul. There you become lost within a dream another dream begins.

As my quill drips with my ink I write of tales left to speak  even ones that will shake you to your core.

I hold these tales deep within my soul. With stories still left untold.

Kissing your mind with mine I take you back in time.

Where lovers wait to unlock Karma's fate living lifetimes without feeling each others touch, whispering only to the wind to carry their words.

Grabbing my quil, I unleash Pandora's box leaving my mind going back in time. Sending chills upon my readers mind.

Unleashing the rage within the soul of karma and Kismet to entangle their prey, on that very day justice of a black moon reigned down. Giving back an innocents life.

Dipping my quill deep within ones mind I will send you on a journey of passionate pleasures, where lovers dance their dance undercover.

These are only a few treasures to discover. 

There are many tales left so I invite you to step inside and uncover what hides "ALL WITHIN THE POET MIND."

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