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Friday, 6 April 2018

How I lost my Virginity 2- diary of a single woman 4

Dear diary..

Glitter is here again.
Yes, I was retaking you with my tale. So, yeah, I licked the shaft of his dick- I'm quite adept at that's I've had countless boyfriends to practice on.

"Damn.. Can't believe you're a virgin.." He groaned in ecstasy. I grin as i slurp on his cock. Did i mention that giving head turns me on? I can feel my body tingling in anticipation and although fingers are the only thing my twat has ever gotten, I know what pleasure feels like.

The ambience of the hotel room was just perfect. The lighting was low and i could her the background hum of traffic from down below. My mind wandered to my project and I didn't even realized id deep throated him until he pulled me off.

The glaze in his eyes was maddening. Full of disbelief. I don't believe you glitter, he said. You suck cock better than a roadside whore.

I chose to take it as a compliment and I smiled. "Can we fuck now?" We then got down to business.

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