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Wednesday, 4 April 2018

What happened that night 2


I feel so happy and satisfied. God. I didn't realize that sex can be that delicious. OMG. He has promised to fuck me rotten anytime I need it and I can't get over his looks.

I begin to regret waiting all this years before having sex. Gosh. I'm glad I met paul oni, the guy who brought me to my pussy banger.

I didn't get to exchange numbers with him, so I called paul to get  his number. Paul is a nice guy. He gave me the number without any issues.

With my heart beating fast, I dial Daniels number and the line rang a few times. He picked up and with shyness in my tone, I introduced myself.

"Woah.. Suwa Giwa.." he chuckled in a dark and sexual voice.. "To what do I owe this call.." he said.

"Just said i should say hi to you thats all" I replied..
"Do you need my.. services" he said with a pause in between.
I was embarrassed to admit.. "Yes.."
"Get us a hotel.. Or will you come over?"
"I'm on my way.." I said excitedly.. My pussy weeping in joy.

As I got ready to leave, I heard a familiar voice in the corridor.. Pauls'.
I debate, should I say hi to him or just escape?"

I know the reason she asked for his number. I know she wants to keep fucking my best friend. And I know what to do.

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