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Monday, 2 April 2018

Facade (Funbi's Diary)

The past few days have been interesting, school resumed fully two days ago, things are happening fast, lectures here and there, it is nothing like I was told, I was told the negligent attitude towards work by the lecturers, how they love to skip classes especially in the first three weeks of resumption, my informants buttress how idle the school the school can be, the three weeks is regarded as the flexing week for students, many types of orientation take place in the three weeks span, so much, that you will recognize the path each individual had adopted for himself. Some sets will be indulged in heavy party spree, alcohol, smoking, and drugs (that in its order is an orientation), some will after certain encounter can become a pastor in this three weeks, it is said that these religious bodies or individuals move around scouting for "vessels" for God/Allah as the case may be, some will discover some education threatening passion such as music, acting, modeling and the likes as a result of relative personnel selling the idea to them. Many students in this notorious time frame lose different things, such as money, time, focus and in some cases, especially the female, they lose their dignity, many female students as it is said become women in this three weeks, Wunmi told me some got into the prostitution profession during these times.

I looked forward to this time, I wanted to verify before bearing witness to the very popular gospel, all to no avail! Both hostel and classroom carry a totally opposite vibration, maybe I am not looking hard enough or probably I am in a part of this school where our lives are regimented and our exposure controlled.

Fun about the past days is I have gotten to bond with Sitzwe a lot, I spend any spare leisure with him, I have gotten more comfortable with him, we have talked a big deal, he seems to know all about me, he is a potent dose of good vibes, he has this rebel nature, there is something deep about his grasp of issues, his perception thrills me. He is brilliant academically, he got a wonderful innate to impact knowledge, he has managed to keep me ahead of my class through his deft teaching, he gave me books from his freshman and sophomore years to study with, does research with me,  help me with assignments and other relative study activities, his command of English keeps me on my toes, he loves law in a way I cannot describe, he doesn't joke when it comes to it, his tone of discipline pose an outfit that my father will love. He shares a lot of ideology with my father; conservative in nature, vastly knowledgeable, he can discuss just anything like my father, the difference is - he is a more interesting version. I think I am developing a soft spot for Law, I don't want to believe my father is right when he said Law is too much fun to resist, Sitzwe is giving me no choice.

Twitter has been fun, courtesy Sitzwe! I got 5,000 followers now, that happened when he introduced me to his followers, the numbers kept running till it reached that figure, that is how powerful a 700,000+ twitter followers owner can be, need I tell that he follows no one but me, this overwhelming affection just send uncontrollable signals to my hormones whenever I am around this angel on earth called Sitzwe! I know I am feeling a little too much for him but would you have done otherwise.

We have been having lunch together lately after our classes together, he is very reserved in class, I wish he'd just contribute someday so the class will know what intelligentsia he is! He will sit in the midsection of the class, have his glasses on and fold his arms while he listens, he simply listens! The attentiveness he gives alone is enough to make any girl want all of him. Our lunch is usually a local dish, he is obsessed with indigenous Yoruba meal, especially the white Yam flour (Lafun) and the famous Ewedu with varieties of meat! He takes so much pride and time to eat the meal, he will pull his white shirt off because of the heat one get to feel when eating properly made African meal. He said his grandmother use to cook this meal back in SA before she returned to Nigeria. He will eat four wraps of the Yam flour, I am considering cooking it for him soonest, maybe that will make him pop the question!

I won't forget to tell you that we kissed in his room, his room being my second home means that we spend a lot of time alone, we were discussing, as usual, browsing through topics till we began to play the 'Truth and Dare' game he had taught me, we asked every question possible till I flipped the coin, I dare him to kiss me, I thought it will be something brief if it was going to happen but Sitzwe did what I sincerely hoped for, he went all French on me, he kissed me so deeply till I could not let him go, the flashes of him from the first day began to play in slides, DAMN! He is good, I have not had a kiss that intimate before but it felt more than I have dreamed it to be, I was scared but happy with the development, he maintained a waist line movement of his hands till I kept right on my butt, I felt that is where it should actually be, he caressed me really well, it was a massage I was due for, I enjoyed his saliva in mine even as it had few strange juices from his favorute Heineken Beer, it was going extreme when Wunmi yelled my name through the hallway! I wanted to faint!!
Maybe it was for good, we probably would have done something I might be hating by now.

He is going to see his grandma at Abeokuta next week which is a lecture free week due to some internal arrangements, he invited me to come with him and I agreed, Nobody can know this except you and me.
I cannot wait!!!

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