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Monday, 2 April 2018

Dairy Of Thoughts

They say stay woke, but these eyes have gone to sleep.
Looking at the man in the mirror, hoping that he never slips.
Hoping he never walks away, hoping his demons never put him to slay.
Thoughts on thoughts are locked on redemption.
The road though is tumultuous, it is blocked by a self-inflicted collapse in mental strength and confidence.
The essence of it all seems like a dimly lit torch in the stark darkness.
Would he be safer in Tony Stark's armour?
Would he find peace in Noah's Ark or maybe something more?
Something has changed with the way he perceives the world.
It really is devoid of any sense if you try to make one of it, maybe he'd find the answers when he shuffles through God's word.
Maybe he'll not.
His mind are troubled waters with tides so strong.
What could have gone wrong?
Probably things are at their status-quo but he doesn't see it.
He expects more I guess... He's Olivertwisting.
Over reaching for the non-existent.
I guess aiming to switch up the narrative is not feasible in this context.
Is the life worth living if he just seats there?
Or does he still give it chase... Story of the fox and the hare.
Story of the tortoise dragging the lion out of its lair.
A serious tussle, the undertaker and ric flair.
At the end he'll find out life's never fair.
Hopefully... by then he doesn't need to bleach it.

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