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Thursday, 5 April 2018


You are David, right??
Like an oak tree I was rooted to the ground and took an eternity to speak, half of the time I was thinking 'bout what to say, the other half I used in checking her out... Trust me she really looked lovely.

"Sorry, did I get the name wrong?" She sounded warm and apologetic, if her voice were a flavour it would be strawberry or vanilla or maybe 'vanberry'. I was lost in my thoughts as they emanated in my brain in a chaotic manner, only to be jolted back to life by the voice of the uber driver, "Bros you no go again?"...awoken to reality I hastily reassured him that I wouldn't take long else I'll settle him 'as per guy-man'. Finally I discovered my voice and replied her, "yeah, I'm David and you're? "..."Adeola" She replied. "Nice name" I said, "how can I aid you dear" 'ThaFuck!! David really, calling her dear already? ' My mind seemed to chastize my heart for some reason, but I didn't care, especially as she seemed to like it, she gave me one big bright blush which was enough to chase away dusk.
I was snatched away from my thoughts by her subtle voice, " are that segun's friend right?, a writer for CLIMAX BLOG? " I answered in the affirmative, she continued speaking... My eyes fixed on her lips, "I saw you earlier and wanted to come say hi, but my brother warned me not to come to his friends table. Well just wanted to tell you I enjoy your poetry especially your love poems, Just that these days your poetry seems to be dark and sad? Hope you're okay? "
My mind had hastely underlined Segun's instruction to her, 'walahi I go wound seqe' I said to myself, but then 'wow' if anyone told me my writing was doing underground work for me 'I for no believe o' but now 'see me see babe wey i dey reason how to chaick before, God I thank you for talent o'. I stroked my beard for a little as if I was trying to cajole words from my word bank, "It's nice to know you visit the blog, nice observation too... I reduced my love poems because I wanted to explore other aspects, you get me right? " she smiled for a bit and said "Or you got your heart broken and didn't want the pain of putting it down in ink".
I knew I had to play it right, I remembered the uber guy was waiting too, so I just concluded the 'convo' telling her to slide me her number so we could talk more as per I didn't want to waste the Uber guy's time. She obliged and gave me her digits, I did the usual... Flashed her on the spot to confirm the number and also have her save mine #MansGatsActSharp.
I waved her bye and took the uber, 'Bros' grumbled for a bit but I didn't care. 'Oga I go settle you well no worry', 'ehen you get Aux cord make I slam small gbedu? ' he pointed at it, soon enough bryson tiller's vocals filled the speakers... Today couldn't have had a better ending 'walahi'.
Home sweet home... I hummed to myself in a chorus, my native attire was off and my mind porous as it leaked all the activities of the day. A-D-E-O-L-A ... I punched into my phone and her number popped up...
Riiiiinnnngggg!  Riiinnnnng!! Riiinnnnngg!!!
Hello David?
Adeola mi bawo?
Lol... David mi, mo wa pa
The Night iyaff set... !


  1. You want to sama segehs sister. Segun where are u o... Protect ur sis from this edo demon 😂😂😂😂😂