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Thursday, 5 April 2018


You deserved a gentleman.
You deserved more than he gave.
You deserved he who would run the mile and go the distance. 

You deserved more than living in the now and the instant.
You deserved not the man that is rash.
You deserved he who would take a dive rather than just making a splash.
You deserved many and you got a little.
You deserved a love deep-rooted in loyalty but all you got was fickle.
You deserved this and then you got that... That which brought tears to your dreamy eyes.
I had all you deserved but you opted for another.
Hence you fell to the lows from your lofty heights.
Heights that wouldn't be restored by your heels on high.
You deserved me, but all you've been left with are a broken heart, tears and sighs.


  1. Sounds like a beef an ntoor something.😂😂😂😂